Human beings are been blessed with an ability to learn and explore new things. I am not sure weather other species have this ability or not, but it is immaterial as far as this blog is concerned. So, continuing the discussion, everyday we learn new things. And thus we grow. Sometimes we learn, forget it and than re-learn or re-apply them. And most of the time leaning may seen to be repetitive and would be very very basic or fundamental.

Anyway, without confusing you much, lemme come to the point and publish the things I have learned or re-learnt or un-learnt recently. They are as follows:

- Tell yourself, "Alll izz well" when self-doubt arises.
- Have confidence in anything and everything you do.
- Be and live in present.
- Don't bother much. Live the life.
- Feel what others are passing through. Don't be self obsessed.

Well, need not to say, learnings are never ending. But above mentioned is what very recently I have re-learned. So, how about you? What did you learn very recently?

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