O mere dil ke chain - Guitar instrumental

"You are dreaming too small, if you are not being laughed or criticized at least once a week for the size of your dream"

Well, I was not being laughed or criticized for my last instrumental-cum-vocal song "Ajeeb dasta he ye". So I guess, I had not bored you enough. And for the same reason, I present you an another song sung and strummed by me on Guitar. And the song is an evergreen one, "O mere dil ke chain" from Movie "Mere Jeevan Saathi".

Few comments in advance about this recording:
- Recording quality is same as all other previous instrumentals. And reason for lower quality recording is also same, unavailability of sophisticated recording instrument.
- My vocals are not as good as my guitar strumming.
- Guitar strumming is been good, but you may not find it up-to the scale of original song. I mean, it may seem a bit faster or probably guitar strumming may seem altogether different than original song. But that is by choice. Its intentional.
- And last, do listen to this in headphone. In speakers, Guitar strumming is not sounding that effective.

Okay, so I let you listen to it now. Do enjoy it. And don't forget to comment.