Ajeeb dasta he ye - Guitar instrumental

So, here I am back with one more instrumental-cum-vocal song of mine. I know very well that my vocals are not so good. But still I had taken a chance and so I let you judge about my vocals. Also, due to lack of sophisticated recorder, this recording is also been done with my mobile phone recorder and so please pardon me if you may have to listen to any kind of unwanted noise.

Initial part I have played using combination of Guitar lead and chords both. And than after I have played actual guitar strumming, adding my vocals to it. I hope you would at least love strumming, if not whole song. For those who knows to play guitar, guitar chords are quite simple. They are, C major than G major and than F major. Same sequence continues in same order for the initial part of the song.

Enjoy listening to it. Do comment and rate. And let me know if you are not getting which chord to play when. I will post chords in better way.

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  1. qurbaan! u rock dude... u play really nice. keep it up!


Jaydip Mehta (JD)