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From today onwards I am going to start a new blog series. I have named it Learning guitar. This series will teach you (do i need to say teach you online?) everything that I know about Guitar. Motivation behind this blog series is very well said quote, "Best way to learn something is to teach it". Actually I have started a guitar classes last week. I have learned 2 lessons. And I personally felt that Guitar can be very well learned under some one's guidance. So I thought to start posting about things I will learn in classes. My classes are 2 days a week means 2 hours only a week. In 2 hour I can get guidance only.Practice has to be done at room by yourself. So I thought why not to put this guidance on to blog and share it with everyone! I am also novice to guitar learning (I am novice to guitar not to music). All I have is guitar and my tutor's guidance. So you can let me become your virtual tutor and I will guide you to learn guitar.
I will blog on everything I know and my tutor has taught me. If you think that something is missing or something is misleading or something is contradicting, you can google (find) it. (for me google and find are synonymous of each other). For example, I will directly start blogging on 'playing open strings', I will not blog on which guitar to buy, what all type of guitars are available in market, how to tune a guitar, what are different parts of guitar is called etc.

For your information, I am not novice to music. I knows keyboard very well. So don't think that you are learning from unskilled person. People had appreciated me a lot after my performance in collage. Some of the comments which were written on my T-shirt on signature day) are "U just looks like A.R. REHMAN on casio", "Himesh Reshmiya of our class.", "... Key player in our band", "Great piano player" ...

I hope you will enjoy this series. For any comment, please write me at or post a comment to related blog (I would prefer this). Okay than have a nice learning curve ahead and happy learning...

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