Inner voice

You are unique in this world. Your interests, your opinions, your thoughts, your feelings everything is unique. It will not match with anyone in every situation. For everyone of us there is a chosen path and chosen destination. And to reach this destination everyone of us is been given certain set of skills, talents, intelligences, feelings etc. You may disagree on this point. You may say that I have not been given as much skills as others, i have not been given enough intelligences, I am not talented enough to achieve my goals. You may say that other person in same field as I am in, has better talents, skills. But that is not a fact. Because you are using your skills and talents to reach different destination than whatever is suitable, you are feeling that you have not been given enough. For example, if you use map of Banglore to find place in Ahemdabad, you will feel that I am not equipped enough to reach to my destination. You will get frustrated. You will think that you should have been given a map of Ahemdabad not of banglore. You think this because you are under impression that your destination is Ahemdabad. But thnig is you are not made to find a place in Ahemdabad. You are made to find a place in Banglore. And so that you have been given a map of banglore. Using a given map of banglore (given skills) to find some place in ahemdabad (Wrong destination) will always be frustrating. These will always make you to think that you have not been given enough. If your chosen path is not matching to your skills,talents, frustration and sufferings are bound to come.With tennis racket you can never play good cricket. If you want happy life, you have to use your skills to reach a choose proper destination made only for you. For example, In your day to day life, you are choosing to play cricket (wrong destination) without knowing that you are equipped with tennis racket (your skills). And than you will start saying that I am suffering a lot. I have not been given enough. Given skills, talents are customized, are tailored to help you reach your destination easily. If your destiny is to be tennis player, you will be given a tennis racket. It helps you to reach your destination of becoming a tennis player easily and happily. You will never suffer on path which is chosen after listening your heart. Automatically you will ignore sufferings. You will automatically be focused on your destination like laser light. It is like putting 'dabla' on horse' eyes. Horse will not be able to see anything around him, if 'dabla' is put on his eyes. He will be able to see straight only. Same way god will put 'dabla' on you when you follow your inner voice. If you are following your path to your destination from your heart entire universe will conspire to help you. You will achieve your goal effortlessly. But if you choose to play cricket while you are equipped with tennis racket, If You do not listen to your inner call, if you do not listen that you are made to play tennis, sufferings will start, dissatisfaction will start, complaining will start. Ignoring inner voices you are choosing to play cricket ,listening to external voices.
Sufferings is a sign. It is a sign that indicates you that path on which you are walking is wrong. It is a sign that tells you to listen to your inner call again and re-consider a decision of walking on this path. When you play cricket with tennis racket you will be suffering. This sufferings is a sign. It is a sign to say you that listen to you inner call again and re-consider your decision of playing a cricket. But we unknowingly ignores this signs, because we are accustomed to listening external voices.

You must be thinking that if some path is chosen for me why is that not communicated to me? If some destiny is chosen for me and why I am kept in a dark for that destiny? Why it is not said to me about my path? Answer is you are been told about your destiny, path to choose each and every second, but we ourself ignores that. There will always be a voice coming from inside guiding you each and every second. Telling you about your destiny. We are not paying attention to that .We are paying attention to external voices, we are following that external voices and than saying that I am getting suffered. Your inner self will communicate with you in language of intuition, in language of dreams, in language of showing you pictures. It will give you signs. Only thing is identifying that sign correctly. Suppose you are working very very hard to get into MBBS, but because of XYZ reason your percentage are not getting enough to get admission into MBBS and so you goes in engineering. But you are happy with getting admission in engineering. After becoming an engineer you will realize that not getting a enough percentage is a sign only. It is been communicated to you that you are not made to be doctor. Your destiny, your path is not to study MBBS. Skills given to you is not matching with MBBS. It is matching with engineer.
If something is written (It is written means Maktub in arab), all will come to help you. For example, if your visit to US is written, automatically you will make choices which will lead you to go US. And people as well will help you to make such a decision. Inner call is coming from soul of universe. When you listen to that call and follow whatever it says you will get connected with soul of universe and than after no force will be able to stop you to achieve whatever you want. You will have infinite enery. Becuase you will be connected with infinite energy source.


  1. Awesome thoughts man..!! This blog makes me listen ur inner voice even stronger than when I am just 2m. besides u in "our room" :)

  2. Thanks Viruz,
    I dont know in which context you have posted this comment. But this is not a place to do fun. And writing anything to somone's blog. Please take care of it.


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