Looking into future with visualization

I hope this mentioned explanation will help all.

Whenever something happens with you, what exactly happens in your mind?
What is meant by experience? Experience is some thing gained through involvement in or exposure to a thing which has happened to you. Means you will pass through some situation and that we are saying as an experience. What exactly goes as an input to your mind when you experience some thing. Suppose you have bad experience of 'autowala'. Suppose they have charged you more and have looted you. Now think what exactly is the difference between inexperienced mind and experienced mind? What will be the difference between a person's mind who have not experienced 'autowala' and you. In your mind some input are given and so your mind will get formed in some way. I sees this as an giving stimulus to your mind. To put my words in simple understandable terms, our mind may be round shaped (not really, but to clear the concept I have put it round) and than it will become elliptical shaped (not really, but to clear the concept I have put it elliptical) after experience. A question here, is it possible to shape your mind in a same manner as it was shaped after 'autowala' experience without really experiencing it? Some signals are going to mind when you see the thing, when you hear the thing, when you touch the thing, when you sense the thing, when you fill the thing.... Think, is it possible to give same signals to your mind without really experiencing it in reality? When I feel happy, some inputs goes to my mind, When I feel sad, some input goes to my mind. Now suppose if i become capable of generating same input (as i my mind had received when I was happy) at any time, than I will remain happy forever. When ever I feel sad, I will settle down my self and will give that happiness input to my mind and I will be happy person again. I can constantly tie this inputs going to my mind to happiness. Than I will be happiest person on this world forever. Capture inputs going to your mind when you are happy, save it in your memory and use it whenever you require that. It is like a reservoir of joy and happiness. Take that inputs, give to your mind and get instant happiness.

What is difference between reality generated inputs and visualization generated inputs? let us take 'autowala' experience again. Visualize that 'autowala' is asking for money. In your visualization see that 'autowala' is asking for more and more money uncotrollably. Visualize him coming near to yoy. Catching your collars. See him with your eyes of visualization. Now think that did you found any difference in between visualized thing and real thing? You may not have experience real 'autowala' bad experience but still you can feel that visualized thing, visualized pictures, visualized words were as good as real. Whenever you visualize the situation, same input gets generated to your mind as it will be generated for reality. There is no difference as far as mind functionality is concerned. Means mind output will be same in visualized thing and real ting. After visualizing the thing your mind will give some outputs that will be same in real and visualized situation. That means by stimulating your mind properly you can look into future by visualization.
Many times I have used this future seeing by visualization technique. You can also use it practically. For example, suppose you are going to water park to enjoy your week end. Now here to see what all you will be required tomorrow at water park you can visualize your reaching at water park. You can visualize that you are entering water park, than there will be queue for buying a ticket, you will have to take a locker to put your important things, you will wear short and t-shirt in water, after enjoying your water rides you will require to put your clothes in plastic bags etc etc .. From this visualization you can make out that you will require short, t-shirt, plastic bag in future .. You have seen your future in present !! It is obvious that more powerful and accurate your visualization is, more accurate you will see future. If your visualization is not so powerful and accurate than you may miss accuracy of seeing into future. Like, if you are not able to look accurately that after your water rides are over you will require to change clothes and put wet clothes somewhere, than you will not able to make out that you will require plastic bag as well. You will simply visualize that you came out of water and wear another clothes. You will not recognize and so you will not visualize that you are putting wet clothes inside plastic bag!!

Comparing this with ASIC verification (For those who does not know about ASIC verification, blog is over. Enjoy maddi (In kannad)... ) :
In ASIC verification we make a model to simulate DUT. Consider DUT as an mind and model as a visualization. In ASIC verification we generates different input to check weather DUT is responding correctly for different inputs, weather Dut is setting its outputs correctly. We will inject erroneous packet as well to check that DUT is not breaking in error condition. By doing ASIC functional verification we are predicting future of your ASIC hardware, actual chip. We are predicting that in this scenario actual ASIC will do this. We are predicting that in this situation actual ASIC will respond with these outputs. Similarly you can simulate your mind with visualized inputs. And see your future as an output.

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