True talent is radiating

True is talent is radiating. True talent radiates its energy. Air is conducting to this radiations. Air lets this radiation of true talent's energy to conduct through it. It gives a way to it.
Oneday while coming back from office, I heared one song on FM (I am not able to recollect which station but probably 91.1, Radio City). I liked it very much on first hearing itself. That song was "bol na halke halke" from movie "joom barabar jhooom", sung by great rahat fateh ali khan (and mahalakshmi), music by another great Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. Even listening this song with unbiased mind will make you like it. Means this song itself has reflected its energy, its power. Same experience you also must have felt while listening to A.R.Rehman's music or Kailash Kher's song. Your inner self will ask a question. Who has given music to this song. Who has sung this song?

When you have power it shows. You really need not to announce about your talent or skills. People will get attracted you by himself. If your work will be in alignment with your inner calling, it will come into everyone's notice. Usually hapiness, popularity are by products of listeninf to your inner self. Dare to walk on path of inner call and everything else will follow automatically.

True talent has power of attraction. It acts as an magnet for others. Magnet had natural power to attract iron. Similarly true talent has attraction power. It attracts people. You really do not require to sell it

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