Unnecessarily targeted Indian trio

Recently Indian cricket team's great trio are targeted by media unnecessarily . Main reason behind this is, Dhoni and team's T20 world cup win. Dhoni and team has won a T20 world cup without this trio and so media and people has started pointing a finger at this trio (actually not finger but a whole hand). No doubt Dhoni and team had performed best. Winning a world cup was like q dream comes true. But I want to bring some points to your attention. None of the T20 victory was ruthless. All victories were victory of team over one moment only, team were not dominating throught a match. Team did not win single match chasing a total. In all won matches, India has batted first (In one match India bat second and we had lost that match).

Reason media and people gives behind removing trio are many. Like trio are not performing consistetly. A fact is, these three are most consistent player anyone has ever seen in world. Recently when India loose 2 matches against true winner Australian team, Vengsarkar (so called chief selector) said "selectors might have to make tough choices if they continued to fail, amid clamour from fans to bring back youngsters from the triumphant Twenty20 squad".

In some reality show like Indian Idol, Voice of India, Sa re ga ma pa etc. decision of fans, public can be considered to decide who is better and who is not. But to consider fans, public decision to keep trio out of team is mad consideration. Cricket is a game and players are not like singers or actors whose performance should be decided based on how much public is getting satisfied by player's performance or how much public is liking some player etc.
Every time India looses a match trio is blamed. If our junk bowlers are giving 300 runs in first innings, what trio can do? Even if target of 300 is achieved by opposition in second innings, what trio can do? I think it is now time to channelize an energy in right direction. Instead of unnecessarily wasting an energy blaming innocent trio, it is time to re-think. Think in another direction of the cricket. Batting is not one and only dimension of cricket, fielding and bowling is also there. If catch is dropped by a fielder and India team looses a match, what trio can do? If bowlers are not able to restrict opposition in achievable total, what trio can do? Look at Indian cricket history, our bowling and fielding has never became dominant. We have not won a single match because of bowlers or fielders. From past itself we have seen one dimension of cricket only and that is batting. We have totally neglected fielding and bowling.
Someone should tell Vengsarkar (so called chief selector) that who will kick fielders and bowlers out of the team, if they are continued to fail. Does he have any youngster awaiting in queue who can make bowling & fielding strong? Tell him that non-performers can be bowlers & fielders as well, not only batsman (to be specific not only trio).

TRIO (Sachin, Saurav and Ganguly) are bliss from god to Indian cricket. If cricket is religion, TRIO is Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.

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Jaydip Mehta (JD)