Instumental on keyboard by me

Life is like a game of “Sarp Dansh” (Snake bite). In this game, one person will be snake trying to bite (dansh) others and make them poisonous. Persons who are not poisoned yet will try to make bitted person free from poisonous effect. Ultimately game will end when everyone will become poisonous. Means in this game, there will be person who will bite you and make you like them. And there will be person who will make you free from poison. Who will pull you into game again.

In our daily life, we meet people who makes us down and also to people who makes us up. We meet people in life who has life changing impact on us. We meet a person who teaches us things which changes our life, which makes our life easy forever. If you analyze your life carefully, you will realize the fact that many things which you are used to do had been taught to you by somebody. For me, I learnt about blogging from Himanshu Sheth. For me, if he has not talked with me about blogging, I would not have started blogging!! In my collage life I had met Prayag Kasundra. From him I learnt many things related to playing a keyboard which will help me throughout my life. Once he asked me to record a CD of songs played on piano. Need not to say that he has worked very very hard to convince me to do that at last being successful and CD was recorded. That has really changed my life. I am very very grateful to Prayag Kasundra for this .. Thanks dear .. Thanks a lot ..

Below is one of the instrumental. Hope you will like it. I am also going to upload all of them on my blog under tag "My piano instrumental". Stay tuned ...


  1. Hi Jaydip,
    Thanks for mentioning my name and it is great to see at least one person getting influenced by my talks :) Also,it is great to see the passion of blogging that is there inside you and hope to see the same going.

    This post made my day and it would be grateful to you for the same.
    May be,one day you would also be an influential bloger,which would be the BEST reward for any Blogger :)

    All the best!!!

    -Himanshu Sheth

  2. Hi Himanshu,
    You deserved to be mentioned on blog.
    Hoping to see the best ...


  3. Man,that's awesome...great stuff,I did not listen to the track yesterday...Great work !!!

    -Himanshu Sheth

  4. You play it. You do it all and now you are thanking me for that. It may be your greatness not anything else. By the way thanks very much. what are you doing nowdays.

    please meet me on orkut on following link:

    Here is my personal website address.
    you will find my composition on my website under "my work" link.

  5. Hi Prayaag,
    World is interdependant. Without your help it would not have been possible for to make that CD. It is not my greatness, it is my pleaure to thank you.

    Thanks a lot for giving your contact details. I will keep in touch. Actually I had planned to keep link to your web page and for that I had googled also, but unfortunetely I was not successfull.
    Anyways now I have kept link to your blog.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)