Smart Google - Stupid Blackle

To experience Google's smartness and Blackle's Stupidity, do one experiment. Search 'Blackle' in Google search and Blackle search. Google shows most relevant, logical results listing link to first. Blackle is lists first but Blackle can not be said smart because blackle also says "Did you mean : Black" when you search for Blackle (Over smart) !!! Blackle search itself is not recognising word Blackle. Blackle search itself suggests to search on "black" instead of blackle because blackle is not recognisable word for them!!!

Look at below shown two snapshots :

Smart Google

Stupid Blackle

Allow me to paste lines from my previous blog on Blackle :

A search in Blackle does not necessarily return the same results as a Google search. Means Google is "Synonymous of find" while Blackle is Blackle only.

My this blog is kind of suggestion to Google to start same thing officially. Instead of having this energy saving Google search getting owned by another company, Google should step forward and launch (Or acquire) black Google.

I wants to see Google like this :


Clarification : In no way I am trying to discourage usage of Blackle nor I am trying to discourage Blackle Team for their noble cause of saving energy. What I am trying to say is, if you select your reference point as Google , Blackle search seems stupid (Which Google is doing since long -setting up of benchmarks and raising standards of search engine).


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  1. The Carbon Neutral Search Engine also offers black background search using Google Custom Search but offsets a minimum of 100g of CO2 per search, kind of gives an added incentive to search.


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