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Below is the song "Kholo Kholo" from movie Taare Zamin Par. Initial guitar chords are very good. At least for me, that initial guitar part is not recognizable. I am not able to understand what is he playing. Is that only on one guitar? Is that played on 2 guitars?

Kholo Kholo :

Shanker-Ehsaan-Loy trio has totally outperformed A.R.Rahman, it seems. You can listen to music given by this SEL trio in song "Bool na halke halke" (Movie : Zoom barabar zoom). By listening to this song, you will feel that Rahman only can give this kind of music. When I had listened to it, I had felt that music is from Rahman. No one can give this type of music other than Rahman.

Bol na halke halke :

This trio has given all type of musics. If you make your favorite songs playlist, proably this trio's music will come more number of times. Many people says that as they are three, it should not be a wonder that they are at top. But in my view, having three person is disadvantage rather than advantage. There will always be conflicts among three about what to keep and what not to keep. I don't know how these three are able give excellent music happily. Take an example of our tennis champs, peas-Bhupati. They have played very good in double games. But at last because of internal conflicts they have started playing separately. I hope, this thing do not happen with SEL and they keep serving us with great music in future. I like SEL music more than Rahman, now a days. I am not saying that rahman is not good or he has lost his charm or he is now no more creative. Actually i am no one to comment about great rahman. I do not deserve to do that.

One thing about rahman is its all music compositions are evergreen, means timelessly liked. For example, Airtel music. This musics has some divine thing in it. Airtel's music is likes by old people and child also. I believe that this is a ringtone maximum number of people will have in their cell phone. You can listen to it thousands of time but you will not get bored of it. Similarly Saathiya's title song flute is also very famous. In Mission Ustaad TV show Rahman is coming as judge. This TV show is having all honchos as an participants. Like Kailash Kher, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Roop Kumar Rathod etc. In this show Rahman said that "I wants to give music which people likes to listen over and over. After number and number of years also song should be listened and liked. Music should be liked agelessely" (I have not written exact words he has used, but he has told similar thing.).

Rahman : I wants to give music which people likes to listen over and over. After number and number of years also song should be listened and liked

Some celebrities I like :
- Shankar Ehasaan Loy
- Rahman
- Amitabh Bachchan
- Sachin Tendulker

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