Books on collage life

Did you like books from Chetan Bhagat. Wanna read similar kinds of books? Ok below is the list of similar type of books including Books of Chetan Bhagat.

1) Five point someone - Chetan Bhagat
2) One night at call centre - Chetan Bhagat
3) Above average - Amitabh Bagachi
4) Anything for you ma'am - Tushar Raheja
5) Jocker in a pack - Neeraj Pahlajani & Ritesh Sharma

Let me give my personnel opinion as well on all of these books. Please consider this opinion as my personnel response. Response is how I had felt while reading a book. As every person in world is unique so is his opinion. So it should not be surprising if my response differs from you.

1) Five point someone:
This is a book on collage life of three friends. Punchline of book is "what not to do at IIT". And that is very much justified throught this book. Even though book's story does not seem real, it is neither an unreal. Good thing about book is, you will find some character which resembles you. It is total fun reading this book.
Must read for all collegians.

2) One night at call centre:
This is second book from Chetan Bhagat. Better than Five point someone. Reason is, this book seems more real than five point someone. A movie is also going to be released based on this book. Movie name is Hello and director is Atul agnihotri. You can check out more here.
Book is about 6 people, 3 boys and 3 girls. All 6 people has different characteristcis. And the way Chetan has described these characteristics is very good. You will clearly be able picturize all 6 character. Typically what happens is, people does not read book in one go. We reads it as and when we gets mood of reading. So you will forget character's name, his characteristics, his place in a relation with others. And so you looses your interest in book. At one time in a book author will introduce character, its hobies, interests, relationship with someone, its designation, its age and all. Now whenever author writes about this character picture should come in your mind that who is he, what and all he has done till now in this story, what are his interests etc... If this picture does not become clear in your mind, you will not feel like reading book from that point onwards. So generally, authors keeps as less number of character in his story as possible. 6 character is not a little figure to maintain for average authors and Chetan is not among average authors. Chetan has managed this in excellent way. Chetan has managed all 6 charcters in good manner. Full marks to him. Best part is, it has a small spiritual message as well.
Generally, authors keeps as less number of character in his story as possible so that reader can picturize all characters easily. 6 character is not a little figure to maintain for average authors and Chetan is not among average authors.

3) Above average:
First of all let me tell you one thing. From this book only I have got an idea about my punch line "Not the best, but no doubt an above average". On initial some of the pages author has written similar kind of statement. Author has mentioned
“I might not be good looking but I am definitely above average”.
In this book author describes his life from school to IIT to his job. At no point book seemed as an unreal or say filmy. Story looks very much real and practical. Bad point is, English used in this book is not much good. It has very lengthy statements difficult to understand.
Author describes one incident in this book. Let me put it here. A guy was imaging about his GF. He calls his GF and tells her about his imagination. Guy's imagination was about rainy day and she getting completely wet in rain. When he tells aout all this thing to her GF, her GF tells, "Think about it more deeply. Its not about me, its about an image you have created of me"
His GF replies, "Think about it more deeply. Its not about me, its about an image you have created of me"

4) Anything for you ma'am:
This book is total filmy. From this book a super duper hit movie can be made. But movie can be hit only if SRK is hero. If you ask me to rate all books mentioned on collage like, this will come last. Title of the book says that, "An IITians love story". But book is not about full love story, it is about a part of love story. All 250 is just about how author has managed to meet his GF. Title ("An IITians love story") of the book builds many expectations which is not met inside the book. Best part of the book is, author's date with his GF. The way he has described moments of this date is very very good.
Must read book for all SRK fans and all girls.

5) Joker in the pack:
As good as Chetan's books. 80% of the book I have read till now and I found it very good. Book is about author's journey from school-Engineering study-IIMB study-job. Best thing about book is, it keeps you light throughout. Story is about middle class boy's journey. The way author has described every incident and every character is very good. Author oftenly relates many thing with cricket. Story seems realistic. Must read for alll Chetan Bhagat's fan. In fact on one aspect this book is better than Chetan's book and that is reality of the story.
Must read for alll Chetan Bhagat's fan


  1. I accept your suggestion and I trust on your taste but I haven't read any of these books so can you pick 1 book among these, I will surely read; because reading 5 books is not quite easy job for me :P

  2. You can read five point someone first.
    Actually One night at call centre is not about collage life but still I have kept in a list because I am sure young minds are going to like it.
    Above average book is on a life of IITian.
    'Anything for you ma'am' is a love story of an IITian. Actually not a love story but about a part of love story.
    'Jocker in the pack' is about an middle class boy's life in (and out of) IIM.


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