Words of OSHO

"To be angry sometimes is not bad, but to suppress anger and to remain angry constantly is very dangerous. That is a difference between hatred and hate. When you flare up in anger, there is hate, but it is momentary. It comes and it goes. Nothing much to be worried about it. When you suppress anger, then hate disappears and hatred arises, which becomes a permanent style of your life. The repressed ager continuously affects you -your behavior, your relationship. Now it is not you sometimes become angry. Now you are all the time angry. Your anger is not addressed to anybody now; it has become unaddressed, just a quality of your being. Now it clings to you. You can not say exactly with whom you are angry, because in the past you have been accumulating anger. Not it has become a reservoir. You are simply angry."

While reading a book "Yoga the science of living" by Osho, I came across above words.

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