Crazy idea - Left handed day

I'm planning to celebrate at least one of my life's day as left handed day. Will this not be a fun? Just try doing some of the routine things with left hand. Like, brushing a teeth, opening and closing of lock, carrying a bag on left shoulder, shake hand with your left hand (:->), drink water carrying a bottle in left hand, write down thoughts in personnel diary having pen in left hand, talk on cell phone !!! !!! !!!

With this also let me tell you more on lefties. Actually left handers are minority in our world. Almost all the things are right handed oriented. Not almost all but say all. Most uncomfortable thing for lefties would be, screw bolt. Threads on screw bolt is been made considering comfortableness of right handers. So first time when a lefty tries to open any screw bolt with his left hand, it gets closed more tightly! And if he tries to close it, it gets open!!

Take a musical instrument. Say Guitar. If tutor is right handed, it will be might mare for lefty to learn guitar. Neither student will be able to understand and play whatever tutor teaches nor tutor will be able to correct the student.

Ever seen any lefty writing in a book? They will keep book almost at more than 90 degree. Like this.

In bench of three if one lefty is seating on right hand side, bench of three has to be made bench of two. So it was unwritten rule in my collage and school to make lefty seat on left end of bench, for other students sake.

Do you know:
<-- Left handers, by nature, feels comfortable with anticlockwise rotating clock.
<-- Amitabh Bachchan is left handed.
<--Lefties are not permitted to play Polo(played on horses).

As far as I know, left handed persons are always near to best or best. Here when i say left handed i mean, full left handed not semi left handed. There are also a person who throws the ball with right hand, bats with left and again bowls with right hand! What is your stand on this?

As far as I know, left handed persons are always near to best or best. What is your stand on this?

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  1. Do you really think left handed are best or nearer to best? what do you think about me, really?

  2. Hey Jigs dude,
    Welcome on my blog yaar... Yes in your case also it is true .. Because you are good when you are good and you are better when you are not good ...


Jaydip Mehta (JD)