Since last 1-2 weeks I am observing some changes in myself. If you ask me, what has made you to change? My answer will be, I do not know. But my inability of answering this question should not be misinterpreted. Weather I prove something or not, fact remains fact. Weather I am able to justify something or not, fact remains fact. And fact is, I have changed. At least for time-being.
I am seeing these changes very clearly. I am able to to see myself behaving differently. Situation seems same. Circumstances seems same. Stimulus seems same. But somehow my response is different. My behavior is different and positive.

These those changes:
- Less procrastination. Thinking that time to do is now, place to do is here and moment to do is now.
- Started taking more and more risks. Seems like I have learnt to deal with unpredictability, unexpected things. It no more distracts me. Started exploring new ways. Unseen ways , till now unexplored ways.
- Keeping life very very simple. Not too many rules.
- Life is very short. So enjoying it fully.
- Taking up things as it comes.
- Growing and learning many new things.
- Learned to say 'no'.
- Keeping take-it-easy attitude.

Did you learn anything new in past days??


  1. nice observation ..its always good to change according to the circumstances..

  2. its nice yar tht u r preparing urself for unredictable thinks which may come ur way.
    n most imp thing frm my side is LEARNING TO SAY "NO" is most imp for u but
    have u tried it once??
    its my personal feelings tht when u tried it the inside GOODBOY will ask u wht happens if i ll say no to him?
    if he take it lightly or seriously??
    Wht ll be the impact???
    because when someone will do which is not expactable from him have a harder impact then someone who says no frequently...
    its my personal exp....
    wht do u say??

  3. Vipul,
    Welcome back to my blog. I always say and believe that "BEST IS IN BALANCE" .. Always saying no is also not good and never saying no is also not goos .. What I wanted to say is, say no to things which does not matter to you .. There may be something in you which will be different than majority of people .. It may be different than people who are opinion makers... Still say no to it, because it is not suitable to you .. And remember you are product of choices you make and decisions you take not of condition you are in or circumstances you are in .....

  4. @Chinmai: Thanks comment. It happened actually itself. I do not the reasons behind it and neither I want to waste my time finding it. But I can see those changes in myself. Thanks to some unknown source for it.



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