It was more than 10 when I counted

Yeah, i was bitten by in total more than 10 Leeches ! Yes leeches. And more than 10. You may be wondering from where leech bitten this guy? Actually few weeks before we had gone for trekking to place called Kodachadri. And from there these leeches bit me.

Frankly speaking, I had not counted how many leeches byte me until recently it started itching. As it started itching I went to chemist and bought soframycin and band-aid. I approximated leech bytes to max 5. So I purchased only 5 band-aids. But when I came to home and started putting band-aids on leech byte, I realised that more than 10 leeches has bitten me !! Oh my god !!!

Today if you ask me what was the most difficult part of trekking than I will promptly answer : leeches, leeches & leeches nothing else.

Waiting for those wounds to get healed. :-( .....


  1. So sad :(
    Ekla ekla trekking mate jao to leeches karde ja ne..
    hehe :D

    Anyways Take Care..

  2. Na yaar eklo nato gayo .. Bija 6 friends hata sathe.. But fact is, somehow they are not bitten by leeches as much times (max 4 to 5, half than me :-< ) as I am...


Jaydip Mehta (JD)