Would you ever?

Would you ever quit blogging or delete your blog at some point of time in the future?

Source : outofequilibrium's this blog


  1. No Chance..

    I will never quit blogging that is for sure.

    Yah I may delete some of my stupid looking posts in future...But I will keep the back up of course..

  2. Quit -- No but maybe
    Delete -- Again No
    Hide -- Surely

  3. no way .. its my virtual identity... :)

  4. @kanan: thats very good .. Good to hear that I am going to get good blog dose forever ...
    @shunty: Delete some "stupid looking post"? Means?
    @Hiren: hide? Why so you need to hide your post?
    @Chinmai: That is right. Its virtual identity.
    Thanks to all for sharing.....

  5. Well I mean to say some of the posts which I have written now a days but in future if I found them stupid or boring then I may think to delete them..
    In fact I have done that once..

    Or the better thing is I may think to modify them and rewrite..Ya that will be better instead..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)