So how did you started blogging?

Answering a question by myself first, I had started blogging after I was briefed about blogging by Himanshu Sheth. When going back to home from office in a cab, he was used to (almost everyday) talk with me about blog and bloggers. And from that I got inspired and I started blogging too. Thanks for gifting me this nice thing, Himanshu.

So whats your story? How did you started blogging?


  1. Here's my story that I wrote back in July. :)

    Nice to read yours too!

  2. i started blogging for the purpose of putting my creative writing only.. but over the period i became a general blogger :)

  3. Well my story is simple..

    My Roommate-ashish who is a book-worm suggested me to write a reviews on the books which I read.. I started to post that book-review articles on a simple blog.. At that time I started with

    Then slowly I started reading other blogs too.. I got inspired by AD's blog (DotCoy) and JD's blog(For and by above average :) ) ..

    Finally I started and got some buddies to comment my thoughts and give a feedbacks..

    Thanks to u ppl.

  4. @Chinmai:
    Nice to know that.

    Thanks buddy.

    Keep blogging..

  5. In my college days, when I worked for a BPO I wanted a place to write about my thoughts. For that I used Drafts folder to save my words and access it later from anywhere. But then I got hold of this blogging thing on wordpress and there I put my first step into blogging world. Now I am Blogger fan, blogging about nothing specific and eccentric. But I've realized that it feels heartening to read to friends' blog; friends I've not met for years. what say Jaydeep ? ;)


Jaydip Mehta (JD)