Self image

I am going to do one exercise: writing down of my ten achievemens till now.

I also invite you to do the same. This achievements could be as small as getting highest mark in most frighting subject or as big as getting recognized at Company or University or State level. Keep this paper with you whereever you go (probably in your backpack) and time & again refer to it.

How it helps:
This exercise helps in improvement of self image. It constantly reminds you that, "You are capable", "You can", "You are aleady through many stroms" etc etc.

I bet you, while doing this exercise you yourself will get amazed.
You will be amazed knwoing that,
- Believing in own's self works and it works at its best.
- You have cleared many horrible situations. Current situation is nothing against it.
- You have already achieved many many things in life till now.
... and so on

Encouraging you to do the same.


  1. Sounds good,,
    Of-course it will help and increase the self-confidence.
    I think I badly need this..

  2. hmm..playing on psychology ;) more then codes ;) ... good initiative anyway .. at times makes u feel good esp wen we ve rock bottom

  3. Very good idea. I think achievements within a time frame would be a good idea too as we are constantly achieving little things whether it's at a personal level or professional.

  4. @Shunty:
    Yupp .. Me too need this .. Wanna spare time to do the same ..

    Do we play on psychology or psychology plays on us? He he .. just kidding .. Yupp it do help up though temporarily sometimes ..

    Yupp time frame gives your exact graph of your growth against time ..

    Thanks all.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)