Nothing is bad. Nothing is good.

Ever went to kind of state, when nothing seems bad and nothing seems good? Things are just there. Its neither good nor bad. Results are just there. But you are not judging thsese results as good or bad. You are just seeing the result and taking one or the other action. Seems ideal behaviour, right? Ya, it may look like that if you have never experience it. So my question to you, have you ever gone into this state of mind where absoultely nothing seems bad as well as nothing seems good?

Ok let me myself be first one to answer this question:
Many times I have been in that state of mind. And believe me, that is the most productive and non-exhausting hours of the day for me. I am sure this post would be a 'bouncer' for few of you (probably many of you?) . Infact, I don't know wether its bouncer or googly for you. So do let me know about the same via comments.


  1. People who know me very well (This doesn't include myself :) ) always say that I am a neither ecstatic or critic about the situations.. I always feel that things are ok ok. They are neither bad nor good as u said.

  2. Toilet time... nothing is bad...nothing is good.. Its usual and its routine...

    Howz that ?

  3. @Shunty:
    Good to know that .. I like that being in that kind of state and that type of people :-)

    Ha ha ha .. There you go with your 'typical' Kinjal like comment ... Yes yes, you are absolutely right .. Umm, lemme guess where you could have got this 'cretive' idea .... In toilet ?? He he, I knew tht ...


Jaydip Mehta (JD)