My love ...

... Bangalore weather.

Since last few weeks I was planning post this blog on my love, Bangalore weather. Not because I was happy with it but because I was NOT happy with it. It was hot here since last 2-3 weeks. Yes dear, I am writing about Bangalore only so without re-reading back, read ahead. Everyday I was thinking, "Yaar this is not typical Bengalooru weather, at least it was not like this before some 2 years, I will blog about this". etc etc

As very well said, "tough time never lasts, tough people do". This tough time of facing hot bangalooru did not last long for me (a tough guy :-)) because since last 3-4 days it is raining here !! Rain has made weather over her quite quite good. Well, rain may be coming for sure in each and every part of country. But Bengalooru rain is a bit different. Rain over here is like "your girlfriend pampering you". While in other parts like Ahmedabad it is like "your khalli-equivalent friend is beating you ramdomly".

Today also it rained here and so from my unability to resist myself from blogging, this post emerged :-). But please don't start thinking that life in Bangalore in very cool when it will have to pay the price for rain -power cut !! Yes, power cut and that is too in Bengalooru. So called IT hub or silicon valley or what not of India. This is as much unbelievable as much it is to believe that it is hot here in Bangalore. At lest regarding power cut I hate bengalooru. Reason is quite obvious because I have stayed at place who has a record of having least number of hours of down time in a year-Ahmedabad.

Anyways, so having said these, its time to get back to enjoy weather again. Ok see ya. Bbye. Have a nice life ahead.


  1. hahaha Very nice analogy,
    "your girlfriend pampering you" -This left me dreaming.. hmmmmmmm :)) I wish I could be there.
    "your khalli-equivalent friend is beating you ramdomly".

  2. @Shunty:
    Me too starts dreaming when it rains here:-).


Jaydip Mehta (JD)