Celebration means ....

You believe it or not, I can read you mind. After reading post title you must have thought that this post is all about that same old email 'celebration means', which is circulated as an email, blog posts & even as an SMS. Am I right?? But lemme tell you, this post is not about it. Read on.

How do you feel, when someone suggests you your next blog saying "hey why don't you write blog on this"? Or saying that, "Blog it dude"? I feel as if I am on seventh heaven. And using my mind-reading ability I am sure you too feel the same. Cutting long story short, now a days I have started getting suggestions from my friends to write blog on their chosen subject. I'm feeling like I am rock star and my fans have started suggesting me what should I play, how should I perform, what I should wear etc ... :-) Ok so here it goes.

Time : Last week friday around 10 o clock.
Place : Ahmedabad, my evergreen room.

We friends were doing some as usual gossip about subjects which are out of our reach. Making it more practical those are subjects which are out of humanly reach. In between while we are chattering, suddenly one of that friends mind has got a thought from nobody knows where and he said, "Aaje to savarna 4 vagada chhe" (Today I am gonna see 4 o clock of morning). Pin-drop silence of moment. And all of us simply laughed. Because all of us were knowing that he sometimes do speak as if he had drunk gallons of vodka and it is vodka not he which is speaking. So we simply ignored him. One guy even started stretching that topic of 4'o-clock-of-morning and started giving what and all has happened when that 4'0-clock-guy had spoken about 4'o-clock-of-morning. He started mimicking it.

Actually I forgot giving you exact picture or an environment in which all this had happened. Lemme tell you that now. It was pick summer time. And as I said place was Ahmedabad. Now all Gujjus, or persons who have stayed at Ahmedabad must be knowing how does it feel to be in Ahmedabad in summer time. I bet you, given a permission you would not like to have a single piece of cloth on your body. But we wild roommates do not permit each other to do that so everyone was seating in a room with least number of clothes they can have on their body. And fan was throwing very hot air. It was intolerable for all of us. And nobody leaving on this earth can deny that, that 4'o-clock-guy was relatively fatter than rest of us. He has almost made one of the bed so much watery as if bad has just now been taken out of pool full of water. Probably that is why he was speaking that 4'o-clock-of-morning kind of 'अनाब सनाब' things.

Frnd : "Lets go out yaar"
Me : "where ??"
"To have juice"
" I'm ready", I said obviously.
"You HAVE to be. Because YOU are sponsoring it"
":-|", मेरी तो बोलती बांध हो गयी थी बॉस.
"Yes yes.. you will HAVE to ..", He continued
"But why ME ??? Can't you see others here?? And I am guest yaar not host", my statement had logic, as always.
"Ok so you want me to count how many parties you are required to give?"
"Abe .. you just got engaged .. and you have not even given me a single piece of chocolate, if I am expecting more from you", I said.
Ignoring my comment he said, "Ok, lets count how many parties you will give. Here I have note and pen", he grabbed one paper and my pen.
One sided conversation continued ..

"Ok, come everybody lets go", I announced because a person who can speak loudest wins (at least in room) and he was louder than me.

------------------------ * ------------------------------

Had enough of juice, fruit dishes etc by all of us. Feeling good we came back to room and again some got lost in whirlpool of imaginary thoughts. Few of us kept their self busy updating their 'bava-aadam' type of cell phone with latest ringtones and photos from my cell phone. And than suddenly fan went off.

"Abe saale .. kyaa kar rahe hai tu waha niche?? light kyon gayi ??", my frnd said thinking one of our friend only can do this kind of mischief.
"Teri to .. pata hai tu verification engineer hai .. that does not mean you can make working things go off and find bugs.. ", I screamed.
"Abe power switch on karbe " .., still thinking that one of our dear frnd only has switched-off light.
"Bahot hua .. Lets see who is that and thrash him. Do not he understand that its hot over here?" I declared.

We went nearer to power meter. Everything was seemingly ok. We have seen out of window (with precipitation if collected would not be less than a bucket of water per person) that A.C of neighbours were running fine.

"What the hell?", one of the friend said.
"Hey, are you sure you pay your electricity bills regularly? I mean, anybody knows weather you have paid it for at least this month?", I inquired.
"What you want to say? We are baggers. Is it?", one of them replied softly if compared with his previous replies.
"No no no no. I don't mean that for sure. What I mean is .. "
"We are understanding what you mean and all that stuff. No you are no more in this room and so ... ... ...", that angry-young-man interrupted and before he finishes other friend interrupted him (thank god).
"Hey I checked it. We have not paid electricity bill yet (!!!) but but but fortunately tomorrow is last day. So this power cut is not because we have not paid our bill for sure".
"Than whats the problem with this light? This all neighbors are sleeping like hell with their A.C's noise irritating us and here we are without lights and getting de-hydrated. Water is also going to be over in an hour", blasted 4'o-clock-guy.
"Anyway what can we do?", I asked proactively.
"Lets go out yaar. Somewhere."
"That would really be nice. How about having tea?", I said.

Who can deny such a nice proposal of mine. Everyone waking got agreed and we went for having tea on our bikes with our shorts on body. Need not to mention some of ours short were clearly torned out and exact places.

------------------------ * -------------------------------

But you can expect everything in your favor forever. Half the road my driver, I mean rider of bike whose back seat was occupied by me, said,
"Abe JD."
"Haa", I approved him to speak.
"I am unable to control bike yaar"
"Are you drunk or .."
Ignoring me he said, "I think its punctured"
"What the f ........", My expression spoke and my voice said, "Hey wait for us. Wait !!", to stop my other friends who are ahead of us.
They stopped and our room's leader-without-title said, "you (my driver) please goto room and get a bike of dada (my friends nick name). Don't make much of noise because he is sleeping and probably he is still not knowing lights has went off. Till that time we will find whether chaiwala at Viajay-char-rasta is open".
My driver, went to room and till that time not finding a chaiwala at vijay-char-rasta had already added more misery in our life.
"I had come to ahmedabad at 4 o clock and I have seen that at FR it (chaiwala) will be open. Come with me", said a leader-without-title.

We followed him. And indeed we found that there was a tea wala and in addition there was ganthiyawala as well. Wow !!! Finally we are gonna have so much of fun. We ordered ganthiya and tea first. Obviously everyone was ready for bhajiya as well. We just finished ganthiya and thought of giving order for bhajiya calculating how much we will require. And than suddenly everyone started running here and there. Perticularly I did not understrand what had happened. My friend also started running and so it was wise to follow them rather than stopping & asking them about what has happened and being logical. I followed them and than that chaiwala screamed, "Oh !! hello .. pay for tea yaar". My god. Now I did not have my wallet with me and I was not sure any one of us has. So i pretended as if I have not heared it. But fortunetely one of my friend had a wallet and kind heart, so he went back and paid full amount to teawala. Meanwhile I had come to know that it was policewalas because of whom everyone was running.

------------------------ * -------------------------------

And while on the ride back to our room I asked why this policewalas bit people? Instead of replying me my friend said, "In one incident my friend was bitten by policewalas. I was driving my bike and he was on back seat so policewala bitten whosoever was handy and it was my friend seating on back side. Believe me it took almost a week for my friend to recover from that bitting"

:-|. I did not speak anything throughout the road afraid weather it will be me this time. Until I show a nice, priety girls on the road. I rubbed my eyes twice just to confirm I am not dreaming and I found that they were girls only and I was not dreaming.

I asked my driver, "Abe.. did you see whatever I see?"
"yes yes my dear... but I do not know what are they doing at this time .. almost at mid-night"
"May be ... May be they are taking some tuition classes ", one of them replied wittingly and we all laughed.

Than need not to say our bike speed was regulated proportional to speed of that late-night-girls vehicle. Until we seen that there was a macho-man with a bike coming from behind.

I ordered, "Run fast dude. Have you seen physique of that macho man? He will crush us yaar."
"Abe saale fattu .. don't worry. We have not done anything so he can not do anything."

He had logic so I agreed with him and we continued regulating our bike speed. At last near to our destination those girls' female-ego kicked them and so she accelerated their scotty (or I dont know what it was because obviously i was not looking at it). She almost taken over us but before doing that both of them looked at us. That look was like, "lemme see who are these cool guys". And than our paths departed.

------------------------ * -------------------------------

We reached our destination -a room without electricity. We thought to seat at road side (outside society) so that we can do some time pass by seeing at those late-night-girls. But again those villains -policawalas- came and added to our already infinite looking trouble.

"Hey .. what are you doing at this time?", policewala.
"Sir there is no light and its too hot inside so ...", said our leader-without-title.

Policawala seen at our society and obviously found that there was electricity. And it was obviously difficult to make him understand that we are the only chosen unfortunates. But without arguing with us he simply said, "Go inside. Not on the road. Go. Now."

Left with no option we went to our room. Than we thought, if not outside society lets at least seat outside our room. And thus we made our bikes on stand and brought out room chairs & again started talking. Time by time, wicket of our room mates were getting down and they were going to try to sleep. But me and our leader-without-title was very much interested in talking. So without bothering of others, we continued out talk. Since long we had not talked about many things and those all compressed thoughts got released at that time. We were talking talking and talking. And than newspaper wala came. He handed over newspaper to us. I thought "oh my god. Whats the time?". It was 6 o clock. Honestly, I have NEVER wake up till 6 o clock without taking momentarily sleep till date. Not even during 'Industrial managment' annual exam.

------------------------ * -------------------------------

It was really really nice to spend time with friends like this. Its worth nothing, really. Its invaluable. And in this case AEC (Ahmedabad Electricity Corporation) had helped us (at least me because I had really enjoyed that night). It was later that we found, it was AEC fault. And it was not only us without electricity it was almost 10 other unfortunate homes in our society.

Now I hope whenever I goto Ahmedabad, at least one of my friend says "Aaje to savarna 4 vagadva chhe" :-) ...


  1. Fatty man....hmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Room par aavo pachha...!!!

    have to 4 vagadva j padse...!!!

  2. Wah JD Wah!!!!!
    Nicely described. If some one ask me to write blog, I would have finished in 10-20 or max 30 lines.

    After reading this blog one title came to my mind..
    "One night without light" or "One night at A'bad"

    Great!!!. In fact we all have enjoyed that night a lot.
    I would wish to get such chance again...

  3. man, i miss those kind of late nights too much yaar... Such fun is possible only on the safe streets of ahmedabad. its impossible here in Delhi!

    BTW, did u find out what were those group of girls upto?

  4. @GiriBapu
    aama hu su karu yaar .. aakhuy gaam evu kyee chhe ..

    Thanks a lot buddy for inspiring me to write this blog. In fact, that title had came to my mind as well when re-reading my blog. But than I thought not to change it because current title described what celebration is all about while title 'one night ****' is very specific .. Keep reading ..

    True .. It is same here in Bangalore and that is why I have enjoyed that ahmedabad night sooooo much ..

  5. good one JD.
    Really, those memorable days spent with room-mates can never be forgotten.. Keep sharing blogs and also suggest me to write something good;)

  6. @Umesh
    Stay tuned to get more of this kind ..

    I can probably suggest you to blog on your life experiences, like in this post .. Waiting to read it on your next post :-)

  7. Cool,
    Nicely and elobrately described :)

    Spending a night with friends with pure masti and chitchat is something I have learnt from my school friends.
    I have a group of school friends, whenever I go to home, we spend night together doing timepass only.

  8. @Shunty:
    Indeed posts has become very long .. but what to do, could not resist myslef :-)


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