What a start of day !!

It was probably tuesday of last weekend. I just wake up on usual time, had done usual morning activities and had as usual breakfast of vada sambhar! Was walking fast to reach bus-stop with  my thoughts about work and project schedule and failing tests and customer etc. Than I noticed 2 girls from my company going just ahead some meters from me ! All those thoughts stopped in a moment  and I started following both of them because of obvious reason that they also will have to catch same bus as of mine to reach office :-). Well, before you start riding on your hourses of imagination let me clarify. They are not THE most beautiful girls on earth or in our company. But in gujarati there is one saying, "ઉજ્જડ વન મા એરન્ડો પ્રધાન" (please don't ask me to translate them in english, because few things I am unable to translate in english. But of course readers are invited to try translating them in english and post it as a comment) . And that is why I started follwing those so called 2 preity girls. 

We reached bus-stop and bus came in a moment. Need not to say it was full like hell and it was a bit hot also. So I thought, "are yaar I will no more be able to follow them in this crowd :-(". While thinking this I saw both of them running away from bus. I was puzzled. But puzzle got solved when I see one private cab coming empty. My reflex system itself responded and pulled me out of that bus and made me run towards private cab. And finally, we boarded the same cab and reached office together. (Okay, so I know what are you waiting for. You want to me tell you what has happened during our journey till office, right? But for your kind information, "me ye baat tume nahi batanewala". He he .. enjoy).

I reached to my floor. And bent a little to swipe my card to open locked door. And I observed there is someone on the other side of the door also. So I thought to swipe my card before that till-now-unknown person. I guess, till-now-unknown person has also thought the same way and both of ours card got swiped at almost same time. Door got open. But one of ours entry was not recorded for sure. So I thought, why to take chance. Let me swipe it again. But no I can not afford that. Because, that till-now-unknown person was preity girl. A real priety girl.  A girl whom you observe daily when you goto cafeteria for lunch. A girl whose dress you would like to observe daily. A girl whose wardrobe has more space than your mental memory. So my male-ego wake up. And I gave up swiping my card again and gave a look of "its not my card, its your card which has not got swiped correctly. Do it again. मे तो ये चला". And thus I reached my desk. Before I check all of my mailbox, my manager came to my desk (i donno for what. Because i had given him status yesterday evening before leaving office and he knows very well that I can not sleep in office. But I guess, he had over expected things from me. He must have thought that this guy can eat,drink,sleep here in office and finish-up assigned work. But my dear sir, I am sorry to say you are WRONG.). I was also like, "Let me check my mail atleast yaar.". He asked me to come to meetting room. Well he thought he requested me to come in meeting. But if you were at my place you would realize that it was more than an order of an army BrigadierSo I also told him, "Yes Brigadier". He started speaking about something which I never understands -value addition, schedule impact, stretching a self. And also asked about our opinion. I had given him some opinion. And he also agreed on it. But while agreeing with me suddenly he added, "next week one girl is also joining in our team". Given a chance, I could have stood up from my chair and said 'thats really really great my dear damager (i mean manager).' But I thought it will be very unprofessional to do that. So I resisted myself internally and did not said anything. And than again our talk went into routine mode but unable to control my mind it was wondering in world of day dreams about that 'new' girl. 

Than it was time for lunch. I went for lunch together with my other colleagues. Regularly we started conversation. And meanwhile one guy asked to a girl "So how much did you turn into today?". (I think, i missed telling you that it was birthday of an only girl of our group.) And that girl replied, XYZ years. And thus started conversation of asking age of each of the member of team and finding who is oldest and youngest. Everyone said year in which they were born. My turn came last. And when I said, 85. All eyebrows went 10 feet higher than its natural position. Some of them had missed my answer, so asked again, what?. I said again 85. And that remaining eyebrows also went up. Somebody asked "are you married?". Obviously a follish question. But before I reply my supporter clarified, "com'on don't you think he is too young to get married?". Than other one said, "you are of my youngest brother's age yaar". I strted flying in air, literally.  And also felt very good and thought that my before-I-die item of "Wanna be 18 till I live" is becoming true. I think, I have also not shared with you that I have found 2 more items in my before-i-die bucket list. First is, as I said "Wanna be 18 till I live" and second is, "Learn & use non-Gujarti language". Well that language can be any language even difficult south indian dravidian languages . So all south indian girls, hereby I announce that I am open to learn and use any of yours mother tounge. Be it kannada, telugu, malyalam or tamil. Provided that YOU will tech me :-).

“All Characters in this blog port are fictitious. Resemblance  to any living or dead is purely coincidental"


  1. sanjay.kakasaniyaMay 2, 2009 at 10:57 AM

    Sir can you please send me photo of that pretty girl. I want to see whether gujrati girl are more beautiful or girl over there as you are ready to learn any other language...

    by the way.. nicely described...

  2. Hey Sanju,

    Please read last 2 lines of post buddy. "All Characters in this blog post are fictitious. Resemblance to any living or dead is purely coincidental" :-) ...

    Thanks for your appreciation and following ma blog ...

  3. JD, this was real good stuff. I had a similar experience after telling my birth year here, too. But I received a bad comment from a colleague, that spoilt my moment of joy. He told "You dont look like you are 85 born. I though you must be around 80-82".

  4. Too good, :)

    This post was something different from your
    every post. The character and description of that pretty girl whom you see everyday in lunch was attractive. Observing those pretty girls is something common in all of us boys. :)

    About your age,
    Of course, you look younger. :)

    Damager!! haha

  5. @Nilay
    Ha ha .. thats quite a candid confession :-)

    Thanks buddy.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)