Inspiration guru

- Who is your inspiration guru?
- What makes you work harder (excluding your boss)?
- What makes you going ? What keeps you moving?

Tough questions. Isn't it? Ya, tough because probably we never spends time finding answers for it. Ok, so before expecting you to answer them, let me answer them first. So my sources of inspiration are chaiwalas, security guards, autowalas, bus conductors, peons, cook !!!! Surprised? Do you think, I am insane? Well, I am not. Probably you wer expecting Stephan Covey, Robin Sharma, Shiv Khera, Paulo Coelho & all those names, right? Well, those people are definetely an inspirational. But in day to day life they are not the one who makes me going and moving. They are those chaiwalas & autowalas. Just to give you better understanding about what I am saying. below are few experiences which is very inspirational for me. They had changed my mood from :-( to :-). And I hope you will also feel the same while reading it. So here is goes:

(1) Number of years later I called to my previous institute. Everyone & everything, literally, was changed over there during those years and I was not expecting anyone identifying me by my name. So before calling I was like, "how will i intoduce myself", "will receptionist be able to recognize me" kind of questions popped-up in mind. But I thought, jo hoga dekha jayega. So I called and to my surprise peon had received the call. I just said my name and he started talking with me as if two old friends are metting after years. He started asking me, "How are you?", "where were you till this time?", "When are you coming back here?", "Are you still staying late night in office?". I was surprised but I was feeling very happy. I felt very very relaxed after talking with him and felt inspired by the way he talked. He was such a caring person. My goodness. And that is why I am telling, keep doing this buddy, you are my GURU.

(2) I was feeling a bit down after regular stressfull day at office and reached my room. Was not at all in a mood to do ANY work. So I just fell down on my bed and tried to sleep. Meanwhile, I heared our cook talking with my roommate. His words were vibrating my eardrums and that created a miracle. He was talking about his ambition in life. His wife. And the way he said, "tension nahi leneka. Kaam karo aur maje karo bas", has made me stand-up from my bed. It was utterly inspirational. So my dear cook, keep telling that line everyday. You are also my GURU.

(3) Project dead line. Traffic jam. 43 degree centigrade temperature. Some personnel work. And no bike.
That is the situation (described briefly) I was into. In that situation I seen city bus coming. I felt relaxed but tensed. Because as bus approached me I saw more people standing (on their legs and hands) than seating. Few unfortunates were hanging out from door. Few was just fortunate enough to put their one leg on the bus and a shoulder to hold on. Bhed bakriyo ki tarah bus me log bhare pade the. And than I seen a pessenger having mobile in hand and water drops dropping from his body. He was huge in size and thats why he was feeling more hot than others. But in this situation also, he was coolly enjoying ringtones from his cellphone. Look at his hapiness quotient man, even in this worst situaion he was able to manage to listen to ringtones from his old nokia 3310 mobile and enjoy it. Hats-off man. really. And that is why I am saying, keep metting me and inspiring me to be happy in all conditions. You are also my GURU.

Well, there are more of such incidents which I want to share with you. But to keep this blog post length in readble limit, I am cutting it short and inviting you to share such stories if you also feel that they are your inspirational guru.


  1. good one.. i think there is something to learn from everyone and every situation..

  2. @Chinmai
    Thanks. So whats your story ??


Jaydip Mehta (JD)