Google (chrome) AGAIN goes beyond an expectation ..

I like to play with things. Specifically I like to play with Google products. Google seems like a magic box, you never know what are you going to get out of it. Just to show you few magic i had came across within Google search, see below examples:

Search for term "recursion" and Google will explain you what is recursion all about.
Search for term "ascii art" and see the Google logo changing.

Well, for sure, above mentioned findings are not mine but me too love to play with Google products like the guy who have found it. As had said in my one of the previous post one day I was playing with Google chrome's sliding tab. And than just to satisfy my curiosity I tried dropping Mozilla tab onto Chrome window. And than came the surprise out of the magic box. It worked. Mozilla tab became chomre tab !!

Similarly today I was just dragging and dropping chome tabs (I love the way chome tab moves. Just try moving it in IE and you will come to know the diference) to do some time pass. Than an idea came into the mind to test (can't get rid of it somehow) chrome. Just typed in chrome's omnibox and immediately I dragged that tab and didn't drop it anywhere :-). What I had expectd was that untill I drop this tab, chrome will not load the site, gmail in my case. Quite common expectation, is not it? Yeah, but Google (chrome) implementation is not common. To my surprise, page was loading !! I was even able to see the page loading in transparent smaller-than-normal window which appears when you try to drag the tab outside tab row !!! was unable to stay without saying, Google (chrome) AGAIN goes beyond an expectation .. and so this post :-) ...

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