IT has changed everything

Bangalore. IT hub of India. Silicon valley of India. I don't know when IT had come in Bangalore but one thing I am sure is, from whenever IT has come here everything has been changed here. Yes, everything.

Bangalore (bengalooru in local language kannad) was known as a city for retired people, few decades back !! It was heaven for retired people !! It was garden city !! But now those days are gone. Now Bangalore is more popularly known as IT hub of India, silicon valley of India etc.. IT has changed the face of Bangalore drastically. For example, the way transportation used to work here back in 70's is not same as todays transportation where Volvo buses is medium of city transport !! Transportation has changed and so the name of bus stops. Read below few of the bus stop names:

- Philips building, Ulsoor
- IBM campus, Nagwara
- iGate, Whitefield
- Intel, Airport road
- Accenture, Outer ring road

And this is why I say, "IT happens only in Bangalore". Name of stops from name of companies :-). If bus conductor speaks Hebbala (name of an area) nobody will board the bus. But if bus conductor speaks IBM campus Hebbala, people will start rushing for it. And god knows how far IT will still change Bangalore. But one things is certain, IT has changed everything.

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  1. true..thats how it has become a hub for younger generation that almost fills the entire city space..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)