I am still in love ...

... with Bangalore weather.

I was in love in with Bangalore weather. And just few days before I was about to announce my break-up with it, officially, on my blog. Because it was becoming too too hot over here. It was becoming unbearable for me to continue staying in love with it. But no. Bangalore weather seems a true love of mine. It did not betrayed me. It has rained here !! Yes, it had rained !!! And as it happens with Bengalooru, it looks like heaven when it rains. Sometimes even I doubt weather an emperor
Jahangir was in Bangalore when he had said a very famous quote about a jannat being on earth and being it here, here, here. It was like an oven a day before and now it feels like a heaven.

Bengalooru weather has never betrayed me. Not even a single time. Does not that look hypothetical? How can somebody's love be so much faithful ?? But believe me, you all jealous gals/guys. Bengalooru weather here, since last evening is too too cooool. Just a day before I was really frustrated because of this rising temperature in Bangalore. Since last 3 years (a time since when I am here) it has never been so hot here. Forget about my experience. In fact, yesterday had recorded a highest temperature at Bengalooru in last 25 years !!! Twitter and buzz was full of frustration about Bengalooru weather. I was included in those team of frustrated ones. And so I was about to declare my break-up with my love Bangalore on this blog itself. But no. Bengaloory did not make me do that. Instead, now, it has made me propose her !! So, here I go for it. I bent on my knees. With a flower in my hand and saying:

Bengalooru, I love you.


  1. no wonder! you seem to be all lovey dovey!
    now I understand ur reason for the preference of Bangalore... your true love!

  2. @nilay, he he .. ya, thats correct .. you got to see weather when it rains in summer here ... you too will be in queue than after :) ...

  3. Ooops, yesterday was it highest temperature. I also enjoyed yesterday, it rained too in my place. The way you depicted was nice.........

    Let's hope to have nice weather........
    According to the weather forcast next 2days it will rain....... :)


Jaydip Mehta (JD)