Language - Just a medium of communication

Clarification : In this blog I am not concluding anything. I am just writing down my thoughts. While reading (If at all you dare to) below written blog you may feel that this blog is pointless, concluding nothing, clearing nothing, saying nothing 'new' . But the thing is, I am not concluding anything or proving anything or writing anything 'new'. I am just expressing my pure thoughts. I am just observing myself and others (little bit) and writing this.

How words come out from mouth? Suppose you are going out on rough road bare footed and a sharp throne hits you. Which word will come out of your mouth? May be ouch if you are girl or no word at all if you are big boy or you may cry if you are a baby or something else. An incident of hiting a throne is expressed in different words by different people. Feeling is same. Situation is same. Means an input to you is same. Sharp throne. But output is different. Output is Ouch, crying, screaming etc etc. Where this feeling is mapped into words? Where this feeling without word is converted into word form ? Feeling the things, sensing the thing is one form (without word) and speaking a word is another form. Some part of mind does that. Some part of mind converts non-word feelings into words.
Mind continuosly polls an input (senses). When input (as feeling or sense) changes mind finds appropriate word in his truth table (where each feeling will have corresponding associated word) and passes this word to tongue through some channel. Now think who writes this truth table? How you are converting your feeling to words? Why only ouch word came from your mouth? Why not anything else? and find answer yourself.
Sp ineffective communicator can have problem at 2 place. Either its truth table is not correct or channel between tongue and truthtable is not correct. Some time when you will be deeply concentrated, suddenly if someone asks you something, words will not come to your mouth. You will ask him to repeat himself twice or thrice. Sometimes you must have experienced that you have thing in your mind but you will not be able to speak that. Sometimes when teacher asks you some thing in class, this bridge (channel) between truth table and tongue gets damaged. It gets broken temporarily. Some times you must have experienced that you have picture of person in your meory but you wil not able to recall his name. Reason is, names will be stored in your tuth table agaist photo. Mind understads language of pictures only, for mind there is nothing like word. So you are able to see picture of person on your mental screen but you are not able to recall his name because of poor truth table.

Whenever you will be reading some novel , you visualizes each and every character. You will visualize its face, its body, its hair etc.. While reading harry potter novel you will surely picturize harry and his magic tricks. You simply can't read it without visualizing because mind does not understand language of words. (I don't know about people who is able to cramp the things. I don't know how they can remember ditto to ditto words without understanding a letter. )
When I write "beautiful sexy girl", your mind will picturizre this girl. This picturization of girl may be different in your mind than whatever i had intended. I had not described her fully and so your mind took inputs given and rest required inputs is taken as default, rest is created by mind and that may be incorrect. Actually I had intended "beautiful sexy 2-3 year old girl" and you may have picturized "beautiful sexy adult girl". It is possible not to pictuarize a girl only as "beautiful sexy adult girl" when I say "beautiful sexy girl". It is possible to identify data insufficiency and not to pictuarize a girl as "beautiful sexy adult girl". First and most important thing here is to identify, recognize data insufficiency. This can be identified if truth table is pefect. If truth table tells that no exact match found, but a similar match found. Here read words are given as an input to truth table, truth table found appropriate, associated picture and projected it on mental screen. Above example was very simple. It was obvious for every one to picturize word "beautiful sexy girl" as "beautiful sexy adult girl" only. It makes sense to picturize in this way. By common sense you can say that mapping of words "beautiful sexy girl" as "beautiful sexy adult girl" is right. But I have taken this exaple to clarify the concept only. In your daily practical life you will undoubtedly encounter some complex such kind of scenerio.

Whenever kanad boy/girl wants to express feeling of 'no' he will say illa. An English person will say 'no'. Gujarati guy will say 'na'. Hindi guy wil say 'nahi'. These all different words illa, no, na, nahi represents only one thing. Though these all are different words, mapping of these words, understanding of words, interpretation of words inside truth table is same.

Suppose you want to describe about one place you've seen. You can use number of proper objectives to describe but picturization, visualization of this palace on your mental map may be different and listeners. Even it may be different among your listeners because their truth tables are different.

It is really not possible to express every thing in word. Can you describe yourself when you had given rocking stage performance? I am sure that many of us will not be remembering what all had happened when you had given this performance. Becase at that time your soul would have been connected to universal soul, at that time you will be connected with infinite enrgy resource and fetching energy from it. You would be free from this body. If i had seen you than I can picturize that moment in my mind but I can't describe it 100% to anyone or to you. If your truth table is so strong to describe each and every minute part of that moment in words, you can make others to understand that.


  1. Good analysis. we use words or say langauage to communicate, it certainly has limitation. Certain feelings are expressed without words, you may cry out of joy, or you may just cry, these feelings are invaluable.

    and the example given is not appropriate, read it again and see if you would like to change it. I dont think it is proper to imagine a 2-3 year old sexy girl.

  2. As your suggestion does not look appropriate to me, i am not changing example. Another reason for not changing a example is that I am not finding any other relavent example from my heart. Here give emphasis on word 'coming from my heart'. You can suggest me an example or any other person as weel can easily suggest this example, but untill and unless I have learnt the thing, untill things come from my heart, untill i get that pain (or gain) of learning a thing I will not blog about it.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)