ASIC verification

None of the below mentioned quote is my own creation. I have found these quotes from web and as I found it interesting I am blogging it.

In this blog, I am blogging about good quotes about ASIC verification and ASIC veification engineers. These blog are for those ASIC verification engineer who finds bugs not by chance but by choice, for them who breaks themselves so that you (customer) don’t break, for them who collapses the timeline and make product mature faster.
Reason for blogging on this topic is friend’s demand (or truly speaking friend's harse comment). After reading my first blog my friend told me that “sale kuchh technical subject pe blogging kar na. Kyaa ye ghatiya ‘language - medium of communication’ ke subject pe blog likha he tune”. This harse comment was demanding me to blog on technical subject. Though the demand was, to blog fully about technical subject which I have not fulfilled in this blog, I found this quotes worth enough to blog.

So here we go … :

- In god we trust, everything else we verify.

- ASIC verification, not just a checkbox on your project plan.

- The bug stops here.

- ASIC verification : Where failure is always an option.

- We crash, so you don’t burn.

- To err is human; to find the errors requires a verification engineer.

- If designers are so smart, why do verification engineer have such job security?

- Trust but verify.

- ASIC verification : When Your System Actually Has to Work.

- I verified, therefore it works.

- I does passion-driven verification.

- Development is what you're capable of doing. PM determines what you do. Verification determines how well you do it.

- Verification delayed is verification denied.

- ASIC verification – because designers are only human.

- Bugs are not optional – they are bundled with ASIC.

- A bug in the hand is better than one as yet undetected.

- I don’t make ASIC. I makes ASIC better.

- ASIC verification engineer always go to Heaven ... they've already had their share of Hell!

- Project Managers want it to work. Designers try to make it work. Customers hope it works. Verification know how it works.

- Verification engineer don't like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work.