Above all -feelings

I oppose here peoples who asks question for each and every thing an expects an answer. Every one should understand that everything in this world is not rational, everything can not be understood by intelligence only. You need to have some emotional part of your life. Have you ever cried, after becoming adult? Do you have emotional part in your life?

Before coming to actual topic let me write down one sayari in gujarati (yeah its my mother tongue). These are not my own words. I have copied it. (There is nothing to loose even if you skip this sayari):

જુદી જીંદગી છે મીજાજે મીજાજે, જુદી બંદગી છે નમાજે નમાજે;
છે એક સમુંદર એટલે થયું શું, જુદા છે મુસાફીર જહાજે જહાજે;
છે જીવન જુદા છે કાયાયે જુદી, છે મૌત જુદા જનાજે જનાજે.

Anyway now forget about above written sayari (if at all you've read). There is no relation between this sayari and below written things.

Feelings are above all. Whenever person is angry he will forget about everything. He will forget about place, time, person against him, everyting. At that point your attempt to judge that person may get wrong in future. Whenever you are taking your decision with your heart that is with your fillings, your rational, logical part of mind will act as a slave. Means your rational, logical part of mind will not be driving you. You will be driven by your feelings. All your actions, behavior will be governed by feelings. Means your intelligence quotient will be outperformed by your emotional quotient. Your IQ may be high but you may work like least IQ person in the moments when you are angry. Whenever people fall in love other people will try to make him understand. They will say that, whatever you are doing is wrong, this will not last for long, have you thought about your future?, does she love as much as you love him??.. But truly speaking at that time person's feelings will be taking decisions not his mind. That person may be person with best IQ but at that time his emotional power will be dominating.
Some times people ask questions to a person who has recently engaged that, what are you gaining by talking with your wife these much, after some time she will be yours only, your phone bill is equal to my whole month's expense, you are just wasting your money. Answer to this question is, engaged person is driven by feelings. Uppermost layer of feelings will be masking his intelligence and so his logical output will be divided by his feelings. Logical output of mind will totally gets suppressed by feelings.


  1. yes u r right dudee...
    but as u have written that u oppose the people who ask questions on all things may be by asking a questions they r finding the actual reason behind it.....
    without asking u cant know actual thing..students have to ask to clear doubt....
    ya some times its not about knowing things.
    but person who is more emotional is hard way in his all life because when u think frm heart n follows it 90% of it ll have a hard way ahead.i have exeperience it so many time.
    i am trying to be a emotionless person n its a true 100%

  2. I agree. Sometimes by asking a question people wahts to know actual reason. Remember one thing, feelings are distinugishing factor between human and machine. Do you want to be replaced by Machine? If yes, be 100% emotionless person.

  3. ya u r right i m not saying tht i want to be a 100% emotionless but the way i m finding a difficulty in life because of my emotion i want to be emotionless....
    if u cant cantrol ur emotion then sometimes u ll loose so many thing tht i have experienced in my life.
    When i have told my feeling to someone then the interpretation of tht was so wrong tht i m shocked tht people can think in such a way alsooooo....


Jaydip Mehta (JD)