Blog series - Learning Guitar lesson 2

On second day I had done fingering exercise.

Look at figure below showing fret numbers:

Now look at following figure which shows that first finger will be used to play on first fret, second fingre for second fret, third on third and fourth on fourth :

Now with this finger position play 1323 1232 1234.
Means play like this
1-first fingre on first fret,
3-third fingre on third fret,
2-second fingre on second fret,
3-third fingre on third fret, .....

Similarly you can have your own pattern like 1322, 1221, 1232 and exercise your fingers. Play this pattern on all the frets and all the strings. You can start with E (thick one). Play a pattern on first 4 fret. Than move to second 4 fret on same E string. Do it like this untill all the frets on E string is over. Than go to next string. That is A and follow the same process.

On second day I learnt only one pattern and that is what I have mentioned above (1323 1232 1234).

References :
Lesson 1

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