Life = moment + moment + ...

Live the life moment by moment. As sea is made up of little water drops, life is made up of little moments. Journey of thousand miles always begins with single step. Life is made up of little little moments. In 20-20 cricket matches batsman plays very fast than regular 50 over ODI. Batsman are scoring more number of runs from 20 overs, against same bowling attack, in same ground, with same bat, against same fielding attack.. Reason is people are not habituated to live life in moments. In this 20-20 format they are forced to play moment by moment. Output in 20-20 matches by a cricketer is different under same situation as that of ODI. Reason is cricketer is thinking in moments in 20-20. Similarly if same cricketer starts thinking about match in moments, starts playing with 20-20 paradigm, in ODI, output will change drastically. Run will start flowing like never before. What cricketer has to change is to look at life in moments.

In life everything is not rational and logical. Everything can not be explained and justified by logic. Life is always lived in a moment and you simply can't have logical control over all moments. Person can be a highly skilled. But he may take some illogical decision at a moment and his life can get ruined. A skilled electrician can get died because of electric shock. After his death we can say that he has no knowledge. We will argue saying that , as being an electrician he should have wore a gloves, why he has touched that live wire, blaw blaw and blaw. These everything he also was knowing. He certainly was not a dumb guy. He was skilled. But at a moment he acted like dumb guy. At a moment his all knowledge, his skills, his talents taken a back seat.

"Live the life in moments."
Life in moments are alwas good. You may not like a movie but you might enjoyed some part, some moments, some dialogues, some scenes, some songs of movie! Overall movie may be worst but in parts it can be best. In moments it can be best.

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