State of mind

We have many information stored in our mind. Depending on state of mind thoughts will get formed. Suppose if you are feeling emotional means if your state of mind is emotional, thoughts will also be emotional. I mean you have information about emotionality in your mind but this information will become your thought only in some state of your mind. Right now whatever I am writing was already there in my mind. My mind already had all this information. But this information will remain silent till I reach some state of my mind. For example, While coding a particular thing you will be in one state of mind. In that state of mind only some information will be used. You may have stored many information in your mind like how to code, how much space to put before staring of code, how comment should look like etc. But at that moment, at that time, in that state of your mind only some information will be taken care. Only some information will become part of your conscious world. Only some information will become your thought. Because of that you will make some mistake in code. Now when this mistake is caught by your manager, he will come and ask you why this has happened. You simply will not have any answer to that. Will you have?

It is easy to answer elective objective type of question than to answer a question without any option. When options are given to you for question, you need not to go in very deep state of your mind to find answer. While it is required to go in very deep state of mind when options are not available. Similarly when someone asks you what you ate yesterday. Some of you will not be able to answer it immediately. But if someone asks you what you ate yesterday at so and so hotel, your answer will become relatively quicker. So, remember mind works on the principle of state machine. This state machine is different from person to person. Some person may get into sorrow state of mind upon some incident and other person may not. Some person may transition to state of joy when he does fun of others and other person may get into state of sorrow.

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