Google headquarter - Googleplex

Inside Google headquarter - Googleplex

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Googleplex is the headquarters of Google. Located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California, the sprawling campus is often described as a "fantasy land" for engineers across the world. The name Googleplex is a play on words, a combination of the words Google and complex. It is also a reference to googolplex, the name given to a number with infinite zeroes. The company also has offices in Bangalore, New York, Sydney and Dublin, among many other cities. Here's a look inside Googleplex.

The four core buildings, totalling 506,317 ft, were originally used by SGI and leased by Google beginning in 2003. In June 2006, Google announced that it would purchase the property from Silicon Graphics for $319 million. The Building # 43 is known as the Green Building, with recycled carpets and sustainable wood. Googlers ride motorized scooters to travel to and fro on the sprawling campus.

The interior of the headquarters is furnished with items like shade lamps and giant rubber balls. The lobby contains a piano and a projection of current live Google search queries. Throughout the corridors between the four buildings, there is Google memorabilia on display - in all its variety. The company also has guides who specialize in explaining Google's history to people. Hallway decor includes bicycles and large rubber exercise balls on the floor, press clippings from around the world posted on bulletin boards everywhere.

Googlers work in high density clusters, with three or four staffers sharing spaces with couches and pets. People's workspaces are full of individuality. There are couches everywhere. People can have a lie down when they need to and take a break. Most employees have high powered Linux OS workstations on their desktops. In Google's earliest days, desks were wooden doors mounted on two sawhorses. Some of those are still in use within the engineering group.The facilities include a workout room with weights and rowing machine, laundry rooms, locker rooms, two swimming pools, a sand volleyball court, dryers, massage room and assorted video games.

At the Googleplex headquarters almost everyone eats at any of the company's 11 gourmet cafeterias. One of the most popular Google cafe is Charlie's Place, named after the ex-Google chef Charlie Ayers. The cafeterias offer healthy lunches and dinners for the entire staff for free. Stations include Charlie's Grill, Back to Albuquerque, East Meets West and Vegheads. There are Snack Rooms packed with bins of various cereals, gummy bears, M&Ms, toffee, licorice, cashew nuts, yogurt, carrots, fresh fruit and other snacks. Also stacked are dozens of different drinks including fresh juice, soda and make-your-own cappuccino. In fact, there's a rule within Google: that there must be food within 100 feet of every employee.

One of the coolest stop across the Google building is the three-dimensional rotating image of the world on permanent display on a large flat panel monitor. What makes it special is the toggle switch that allows one to view points of light representing real-time searches rising from the surface of the globe toward space, color coded by language. Toggle and one can see traffic patterns for the entire Internet.

The Google campus also has replicas of SpaceShipOne and a dinosaur skeleton. The Google's Mountain View headquarters is the America's largest solar electric installation on a single corporate site, and one of the largest such projects in the world taken by the company Energy Innovations. The company's headquarters has a 1.6 megawatt solar system that meets about 30 percent of the complex's power demand. The company has installed some 9,000 solar panels, in the form of solar trees, some overhanging as parking shades others mounted on rooftops.

Security is tight at Googleplex. Every visitor to the Googleplex, California, gets a name badge and has to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
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