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If you are not in a mood of reading this blog, you can visit this link where you will see 'useful guitar widget of google'. If you like widget shown in above mentioned link, you can download it for you web page from here.

While searching Google widgets for web page, I came across very useful widget. I was searching for widget which I can put on my blog and which can be useful for all visitors (for returning visitors and non-returning visitors both, jo bar-bar aaye uska bhi bhala aur jo bar-bar na aaye uska bhi bhala ... ). Unfortunetely I was unable to find any widget which can be useful to all, widget which everyone can use. As i have not found useful-to-all widget I convined myself saying that that it is really very difficult to make everyone happy. Than I planned to make only some people happy who shares common interest with me. So i tried to find widgets of my interest. I tried searching for widget on guitar and I found this widget very useful for them who wants to learn guitar as well to them who already knows guitar.

I had planned to put widget on my blog page as an page element, but this widget is too broad to fit into blog page without spoiling page and made it look odd. So I didn't go for that option. So I tried to paste HTML code of that widget on one blog (So that one blog only looks odd, not all which can happen if I add it as page element). But there also I didn't succeeded. Guitar applet was shown on blog but not as per my expectation. May be my expectation was too high. But without coming to a point where your expectations doesn't meet, you can't be sure that expectations are too high to get met. At time when expectations are set, no one can surely say with integrity that these expectations are too high to get met. But anyone can point you to a possibility that these expectations may not be met. But this pointing-to-a-possibility will be presented in such manner that you will easily get discouraged by it.

Anyways instead of reading what all problems I have faced and what I had thought about it and how I satisfied myself, you can just go for using it here (same link as I has mentioned above). If you have your web page you can paste code on your page and startes using it. Before using it on your web page if you wants to have a look at it, just click here.

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