Banglore - Digitally devided global village

Bangalore is digitally divided global village.

Reason behind saying it digitally divided is very clear and that is, you will see abrupt change when you go into any of the company campus. Outside company campus and inside company campus life is noticeably different. It is like another devision of city working on digital front.
Reason behind saying it global is simple. You will see people from all over the world and state and city here. Bangalore is celebrating Navaratri , Ganesha Chturthi, Xmas, Onam and all. Some occasion may be celebrated at low level but I don't think that any other city is celebrating as many number of festival as Banglorians are.
Reason behind calling it as village is, other half part of Bangalore which is there on lighter side is very much similar to any of the village. You will have same feeling while roaming in streets of Bangalore as you could had while roaming in your home town's.


When I came to Bangalore in January'07, I had picture of this IT hub of India in my mind. I had imagined how this city will look like. I had many expectations with this city. Most of them were met but some were not. Putting most and some words in measurable parameter, 80% is met but 20% are not.

My life started in Bangalore in street called Thippasandara (My friend has described this street very well here). If I summarize about this street, this street is as good (or say as bad) as small, narrow street found in any of the village of India (I have never been outside India and so I don't know other countries have this kind of street in their villages. Only because of my lack of information I have written that any village of India other than that I am patriotic.). Roaming in this street You will never get a feeling that you are in Bangalore, in IT hub of India, a metro city.

Initially I had felt that it is improper to judge about whole Bangalore based on Thippasandra street, based on place where I got accommodation. So I kept quite. My company was in ulsoor. Very near to Ulsoor lake which is so called one of the main attractions of the holiday goers in the city. After coming to know that Ulsoor is one the main attraction, my expectation about that place went very high. I was expecting Ulsoor to be posh area. But my expectation was not met. i was unable to rate Ulsoor as one of the main attraction of city. Worst thing was bus route from Thippasandra to Ulsoor. I had thought that this route will be having 4-lane wide road but most of the part of route was very narrow.

As i came here from Ahemdabad, I will always compare Banglore with Ahemdabad. I was seeing wide spread roads, huge and spacious malls, huge circles at cross road, greenery, smooth roads etc in Ahemdabad. While here I am seeing nothing among any of the things mentioned above. No wide spread 2 to 4-lane roads with divider having greenery planted on it and sign board of Hutch or Idea or Airtel, no malls advertising with huge hoardings, no cross road circles having fountains projecting a fountain with different coloured lights, no maintained greenery and rough roads. You can say me that this is more of my expectation problem not problem of city Banglore. But i will not agree with you. Is it justifiable to expect things which is there in Ahemdabad, in any city which is rated as IT hub of India, macca of software Engineer.

Now I will come to the worst part of Bangalore - traffic (which no one will and can deny). You will find traffic police managing traffic over here at most of the cross roads. I was expecting an automated traffic lights, timer showing that red lights will be on for how much seconds. But at most of the cross roads, I found traffic police only. You can argue that because I have not seen full Bangalore I am saying this. But that is also not a fact. Even before taj hotel cross roads no traffic signals and timers are found!! Traffic is managed by police only.

Till now I have described about the part of Bangalore on one side of digital divide. Now I am going to describe about other side (and brightest side) of digital divide.

After entering into any of the IT related company campus, you will feel like you are in heaven. You name any of the leading company, Bangalore has development centre of it. To name a few, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Great Google (ya ya this is Google only there is no company like Great Google. But as being a fan of Google services, I have written great Google), Yahoo!, Nokia..... This list can go on and on. These companies campuses are amazing. You will never see buildings like this in all over India (to be honest this is just a guess). You will no where see this much intelligent people. Average IQ of people here will be equal to some in between number of best & above average IQ of other city. Great leaders, managers can never be found else where than Bangalore. Bangalore is more like global village. You will see people from all around the world and states here in software companies. Looking at other side of digital divide, Bangalore is truly deserves a status of macca for software engineer.

In Bangalore there are lots of tech parks, an electronic city. While in ahemdabad no tech parks, no electronic city. In this tech park and electronic city you will see huge and spacious buildings of giant companies, small lakes, clean and smooth roads, greenery with fountains.

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