Intimate couple or Dolphins ???

It is very much possible that two people sees same thing, argues, offends, quarrels and both are right. This may not seem logical because it is not logical, it is psychological.
People are Born to win, but conditioned to loose.

Look at picture below and tell me what you have seen in that?

What you have seen? Probably intimate couple, right?What if I tells you, this picture is of Dolphins not intimating couple!! Let me give you enough proofs to make you believe in my words. Look at below shown, same picture. In this picture, Dolphins are projected. Picture is edited in such a way that you will see Dolphins clearly. After looking at below shown picture, look at above shown picture again. See Dolphins in same picture where you have seen intimate couple and you were not ready to believe that there can be something like Dolphin in this picture!!

Some analysis of this experiment :

While looking at picture, it is possible to see Dolphins or intimate couple. Figure is same. It contains black and white colour. But the way we interpret, way we combine this colour and create whole picture is different. Suppose before showing you first picture, I show you second picture. I tells you to observe it for some time. Than after 5 minutes I give you first picture. What will you see in it? In 95% cases, Dolphins!! Because you are conditioned to see Dolphins, you will see Dolphins. Person conditioned to see dolphins will always see dolphins at first effort. While person conditioned to see 'couple' in picture will always see couple at first effort. While It will require extra effort to see different thing from same picture.

If two people (one seeing only couple, one seeing only dolphins) are kept together and given freedom to discuss about picture, they will argue heavily with each other. They will quarrel with each other. Both person will feel that person against him is not understanding. Both will get frustrated and drained. In this situation what requires is understanding. Understnding that another perspective exists of looking at thing. Another view, another angle exists to look at things and person against him may have different perspective of seeing at thing than I have. Until and unless a person agrees on and understands a fact that another perspective do exists, quarrel can not be ended. First step is to believe that another perspective exists, another way of looking at thing do exists. Person who is not willing to understand his collagues' perspective will make this situation worse. Once, first step (of 'understanding-different-opinion-exists') is achieved, both person can try to show what he was seeing. I mean person who was seeing Dolphin can explain how he was seeing Dolphins, where exactly Dolphins lies and another person can listen him carefully, try to understand him, try to put his own perspective aside and try to see picture person is showing, with another person's eye.

We will get amazed when our unconsciousness about seeing thing 'way we want not way it is' is revealed. We gets surprised. Think of person when he sees Dolphin who were seeing couple in a picture earlier and after listening to other person (after interpreting thing in different way), how he will feel. He will definitely say Oh!, this is what you were speaking about. I was misunderstanding you.

People are Born to win, but conditioned to loose. Few minutes of conditioning can make person to see Dolphin or couple from same picture than think of life long conditioning happened on you and how it is affecting your life.

Thoughts came in my mind while writing this blog :
- Person do exists who delibarately makes his opinion different from you. They will change their opinion against you as per his will. They makes un-innocent fun out of it! I hate this kind of un-inocent, hurting type of fun.
- I am ready to put a smile on a sad face. I am ready sacrifice my work, my opinions aside, if it helps to make someone sad to smile.

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