Does luck exists?

Here I am not saying that everyone should seat quietly waiting for things to happen. Situation of 'seating quietly waiting for things to happen' is one extreme while 'becoming proactive, believing that everything happens only because I am making it happen' is another extreme. I am saying that people should believe to remain in between of this two extremes. That is where effectiveness lies. That is how nature works. Nature's principles are in alignment with belief of remaining in between of two extremes.

I wants to write about lucky and unlucky person today. So let me define a lucky and unlucky person. In alignment with common, general understanding of word lucky & unlucky, I will consider a person lucky, if he takes a lottery ticket and wins it and I will consider a person unlucky, if he takes lottery ticket first time, second time, third time, ..... times, and every time thinking that at least he will win this time,he will win this time but never wins.

You can look at situation in two angle.
- Person is lucky and so
- He is winning lottery
- He is winning a lottery and so I call him
- Lucky

When person wins lottery, what will be your reaction? Will you say that, 'that guy is lucky. He always wins lottery ticket.'? Or you will say that, "That guy has won a lottery ticket. He is lucky"? Confused among the difference between two? OK lemme clarify it with another example. Two person named lucky and unlucky has been given a news paper in which one advertisement is printed. Advertisement says that, whoever cuts this ad. and submits it to given address will win some amount of money. Both person has same paper but lucky person will read that ad. and will get money. While unlucky person will not read it and so he will not get his part of money. Now tell me in above situation, what will you say? Will you say that "A guy is lucky and so he read an ad. and won money"or you will say that "A guy was having an impression of himself that he is lucky and so he read the ad. and got money" ?

If it is still not clear, I will make it clear. Read further. In first way, thought of judging a person as lucky or unlucky comes first in mind while in second way, thought of end result (winning a lottery) comes first in mind. In first way you says that, as person is lucky and so he is winning a lottery. In second way you says that, because he is believing that he is lucky he won lottery ticket.

What is the difference between two approach? When you think that everything in this world is governed by you, you are the founder of your future, you are able to responds to situation, you are response-able, you are proactive person you will say that because person is believing that he is lucky he is getting lottery ticket. If you are kind of person who believes that nature is unpredictable, everything is not in our control, you can control your behaviour but you simply can not control every things happening around you, no one has ever been able to control nature, how can you know what another person's thought process is, how can you be sure that thing happening in one small little corner of world will not (or will) affect you. Proactive people may argue here that by controlling yourself, by remaining in your circle of influence you can control situation, your surroundings, you can create an opportunities. But i will say that this is not true in ALL situation.

For example, I have bought a home spending all my money (also imagine that I am financially weak) I have earned till now. Worst thing is, home I had bought is at the end of city. That area of city is totally isolated from core part of city. You will see few faces only roaming in this society. Now read how situation has changed around him and nature has supported that person. Some well known company visits place. They likes this place so much that they plans to make huge lake, 5 star hotel, shopping malls etc in that area. This plans execution also starts immediately. Within 3-4 years every thing's construction gets completed. Land prices increases in that area. That area is now no more isolated from city, instead it is been taken inside city's limit by government!!

Where proactivity of person has helped him in this example? Where working withing circle of influence worked here? How can you control what giant company's CEO is planning to do? How can you know that which thought will come into company's CEO mind? Who have formed a thought in company's CEO? How and why he has chosen that place only?

What that person has done? Nothing. Actually that person has done nothing but that person's luck has done a lot.

Difference is in which layer of thought is above which layer of thought. If layer of judging a person as lucky and unlucky is above layer of seeing a what person has done to achieve this, how much effort he has put in, end result you will think with paradigm of lucky and unluckiness. If you have layer of seeing person's work, efforts, end result above decisive layer which judges a person as lucky or unlucky, you will think with paradigm of proactiveness.

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