Value of negativity

Bottom line this of blog: People know importance of positivity for progress & growth but in no way value of negativity is less for progress & growth.

Do you feel that you will still be at the same position wherever you are right now, if all the negatives & unexpected that has happened with you and taught you many things, has not happened to you?

Satisfaction makes us happy while dissatisfaction makes us grow.
Satisfaction is positive while dissatisfaction is negative. Satisfaction makes us happy while dissatisfaction unhappy. No one wants to remain dissatisfied. But this negative dissatisfaction has positive point also and that is, it makes us grow. Satisfaction makes us happy while dissatisfaction makes us grow. Dissatisfaction makes us grow more than satisfaction. Dissatisfaction is more potent than satisfaction to make us grow.

Failure is more valuable than success. Failure teaches us more than success. Failure moulds us. Failure makes us strong enough to be successful. Failure makes us eligible to be successful. Medical science says this: “When a muscle is broken, new muscle will born which will be stronger than previous one. Because previous muscle was not strong enough to bear, new muscle has to be stronger than previous one.” In same way, failure makes us strong giving stronger muscle next time. Failure gives us learning. Success gives us what? We may say that it gives external satisfaction. I agree, but do you feel that you have learnt something new? Something got added in you? Something which you can give as an advice to someone? You can implement something and get success at first attempt. But that success does not add anything to you. You will be same before and after the success. Externally you will fill much better but internally you will be empty. You will be hollow from inside. Experienced person will tell you not to do something. But if you do whatever he is advising not to do than than and than you will be at the position he is at right now. All successful persons are like that because they have failed. People are successful in presence of failures not in absence of it. To reach at destination-success faster, double your failure rate.

To reach at destination-success faster, double your failure rate

Optimism is positive. Pessimism is negative. Optimist invents airplane while pessimist invents parachute. Path of optimism is one side of coin while pessimist is another side. One needs to be pessimist as well before deciding about important things in life. Pessimism can not be ignored. While traveling in a plane optimistic will say that our flight will land safely. Do not worry. Everything will be ok. Nothing will happen. While pessimist will say that why to take a chance. Flight might do crash landing today. Let me learn things which will help me if crash landing happens. Optimistic will not think about possibility of fire in a building and so he will not have fire extinguisher. But pessimist will be very much sure of fire. And so he will have fire extinguisher in his building.

Optimist invents airplane while pessimist invents

As I have said earlier, bottom line is that importance of negativity is equal to positivity for progress. I am not saying that one always needs to be dissatisfied with whatever they have. One should be pessimist. What I am saying is, this negative things has its own part in human progress. It has its positive points as well. Without negativity we may not have progressed as much as we have.

Don’t be negative. But sometimes to be more effective, you need to think like them.

Side talk:
When two people sees same thing, agrees with each other at all times, one becomes unnecessary.

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