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After India defeat in 2nd test match against Australia (probably because of bad umpiring decisions), paper media, electronic media and people has said and written many things about it. All news channels, All news papers, Everyone's mail boxes, Everyone's thoughts was full of things about this test. The topic of discussion was from bad umpiring decision of Bucknor, to Symond-Bhajji controversy. From Yuvi-Deepika-Dhoni love triangle to what not. India was talking, listening, reading or writing about any of these things. What BCCI should do now? When Deepika is going to marry? With whom is she going to marry? What bucnor should do? What Kumble should do? What Ponting should do? And this list of questions goes on, on and on... This itself shows how much love Indians have about Cricket. Wherever you sees more than 2-3 people discussing aggressively, you can be sure that they are discussing about something related to this test. In any IT industry or software company or school or collage or hospital. Everywhere and anywhere people were talking about this test.

Best part was funny mails and blogs people had sent and posted. I have received many mails criticizing Bucknor, ponting or Symonds etc. So I thought why not to post a blog on this mails? Why not to combine all these mails & blogs? So I am pasting mails, blogs I have came across after India's defeat :

1) Nirma super and Deepikaji:

Sharad Pawar is in dressing room when Deepika Padukone comes there
Sharad: Ohho, Deepika Ji, aiye aiye Leejiye aapka Dhoni taiyaar hai
Deepika: Ye nahin wo( pointin towards Yuvi)
Sharad: Lekin aap to har baar wo wicket keeper wala....
Deepika: Leti thi... Par jab 6 ball pey 6 chakkey milein to koi ye kyun ley, wo na ley
Sharad : Maan gaye...
Deepika: Kisey? Sharad: Aapki parkhi nazar aur super sixer, Dono Ko.......

2) Did you mean ‘monkey’?

Today's hot news ...

Google also believes that calling monkey, by monkey, is not racism .. When searched on andrew symonds, Google asks "Did you mean : monkey?" !! It also displays nice, related images of symonds ... :-> :->
Check out this .. :-)

Note : Don't go on Google and search on andrew symonds.

3) Harbhajan Vs Symonds

Symonds came toward Harbhajan when he was batting
Symonds : Hey Bhajji do you know how to play cricket?
Harbhajan: Just Shut up.
Symonds : Anybody from Punjab knows how to play this game?
Harbhajan: Hey you just shut up, Teri Maan-ki (Mon-Key)......
Symonds: What do you say "monkey"? You racially abused me, I will make a complaint.
Harbhajan: Don't make false allegations if I really have to say anyone a monkey, I would have said it to Bucknor because nowadays he is doing umpiring like a monkey.

4) New words added in dictionary

Bucknor: (n) (adj)
1. Temporary blindness leading to missing out on the obvious.
2. To be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
3. Situations leading to grave judgmental errors.
Usage: Life often throws a bucknor at you.

Benson: (n) (adj)
1. Something that legitimises a severe bucknor.
Usage: First they bucknored me and then they bensoned it!
Also see bucknor

Ponting: (n) (verb)
1. Action which represents cheating and still showing bad attitude (Indian lingo: Chori and seenajori)
2. Unhealthy habit of not accepting your wrongs.
Usage: He is ponting a lot despite having been caught traveling without ticket.

5) Rare photo of bucknor


  1. Jaydip... that was fantastically written... maja padi gai vaanchi ne.... !! keep up buddy....

  2. Jaydip... that was fantastically written... maja padi gai vaanchi ne.... !! keep up buddy....

  3. A nice read !Accept my compliments

  4. have a cry..want a tissue..u are a bunch of sooks


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