It is a path or destination??

This story is about a terrorists group who was fighting to have their own state. They no more wanted to be part of country they are right now. After some number of years founder of this group met a natural death leaving his followers. In absence of their founder, followers started following path of his founder fighting with government and demanding their own state. Years and decades passed in this way. Followers had blindly started fighting heavily with government. After number of years followers forgot an ultimate purpose of the founder but still continued fighting. They were fighting to have separate state without knowing why they wants it. They'd forgot what are they going to gain thorough this pain of fighting. After some number of years their goal shifted from 'having different state' to 'fight against government'.
Journey itself had became their distination.

They are still fighting. Fighting very hard. But without knowing why are they fighting. They are fighting because they had been told to fight in past. They have no aim other than fighting. They will not even be ready to negotiate on an issue, not because they are not willing to, but because they don't know what is an issue. They knows fighting itself as a life. For tham, no fight no life. They have observed that life means struggle, life means fighting with government. They forgot why founder of this group was struggling but as they had seen him fighting hard they also have started fighting. They understood that as the founder of a group, a great genius man, is fighting , fighting must be necessary to live a life. They didn't understood that founder was fighting for a reason. He was driven by is conscience. While followers misunderstood it and mistaken a path - that is fight, struggle, problem- itself as an destination.

Moral of the story :
Don't you think our life is like this? Projects on which we are working are like this?
We have been said to do struggle in life and so we struggles. We remembers a path only(struggle). Because we have not been told that we should struggle to fulfill a purpose, we struggles without purpose.
What purpose are we solving by pretending to hate people we really loves?

Many times we've been given an examples and been told to be like them. Many times we've been told that those people had struggled a lot, so you also should struggle. People gives an example of Dhirubhai Ambani. They says that, Dhirubhai was from poor family back ground and still he has opened Reliance industry and managed to make it giant comapany a real giant company. He has struggles a lot to achieve this. I 100% agree. I have absolutely no doubt that Dhirubhai has really struggled a lot. But
- Dhiubhai was strggling for a purpose.
- Dhirubhai had struggled to meet his destiny.
- Dhirubhai was fulfilling his destiny via path of struggles.
- Dhirubhai was having fun walking on the rough path because path was leading to his destiny.

People oftenly misunderstands this journey (of struggle) itself as a destination.
In childhood we are programmed to study hard, get a good degree, to have a good job, earn more & more money etc. These all things have been told to us and we are following it. We are struggling very hard to achieve it without knowing why we wants to do that. We wants to do only because we have been told to do so? Gradually we also forgets why we wnts to do it and struggles like followers of above story.

If you think from outside, he was struggling. But from inside he was satisfied and fulfilled.


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