Being part of solution creates magic

Let me start with one real life incident with some mirch masala added from my side.

Time was somewhere around 11PM. Probably 2 years back. We were 6 roommates leaving together. We had 2 locks and each lock had 3 keys. Next day early morning we had to go somewhere. and so it was required to lock the door in morning. Problem was, if we lock the door with lock A only 3 people will be able to open it, if we lock it with lock B again only 3 person will be able to open it. No one was ready to compromise. No one was ready to say that, "its ok if I do not have the key". We all roommate started cursing each other. We started blaming each other. We all were focused on problem. We started finding whose fault it is. No one thought of what to do not. We did not even give a try to find solution. We simply accepted that now we can not do anything, 3 person have to suffer for not having a key. But there was a one guy, who did not participated in our unworthy discussions. And he came up with a solution. He locked the door in such a way that with key of any lock you can unlock the door! He used both of the locks and locked the door in such a way that with key for any lock (first lock or second lock) door will get unlocked! So now all 6 roommate were happy. All 6 had virtual key to open the door. Magic created by him by being part of solution.

Point here is, we are usually too much focused on problems, On what is lacking, On insufficiency of resources. We do not focus on solution. We do not ask ourself, what I had done to resolve issue. Just try one thing for a day or two. Remove all 'if' and 'but' from life. Simply focus on solution. No excuses for a day. No justification. Ask for help, but be part of solution. You are doing something and unexpected result comes. Just think what to do so that this can be resolved. Be part of solution not problem. Identify the problem. But do not stop there. Also think, what will be next step. How can this be resolved. Think about solution, focus on solution. Problem comes, play see it. Analyze it. But work towards finding solution of it. Put efforts to solve it.

There was another incident as well. There is one shop near my room named "Kanti". Its not big high-fi shop. One day there was no electricity and so shop owner wanted to keep all doors open to have air circulation. But problem was, there was no knob on door by which you can stop the door! He said, okay. No problem. If knob is not there, I will create the one. I will tie the door with rope. He tried finding rope. But nope. He failed. He did not find rope. So he again said, okay. No problem. I have rubber bands which should work. He tried tying door with rubber band. But need not to say , rubber band was not strong enough to hold the door. It broke. He again said, okay. No problem. One rubber band is not enough, let me tie it with bunch of rubber bands. He combined many rubber bands and created a kind of chain. And he tied the door. In this attempt, he succeeded.

Moral of the story is, do not concentrate on problem. Do not be part of problem. Be part of solution. While seeing some problem, before complaining about it, think. What you have done to resolve it. When you complain you are part of problem. Be part of solution and see how much easy life is.

Quote from Shiv Khera's Book, "You can win":

When you are digging for a gold, do not look at the dust

Wondering how can you lock the door in above mentioned way? Ok. First of all, let me tell you, it is possible. Think about it. Try it. If you do not get solution, I will become part of it and give you solution.


  1. indeed yday itself i was lucky enuf to attend one soft skill program .. and the same was conveyed there also .. that more often than not we concentrate our energies in problem and who created it and not in trying to find a solution to it..
    didnt think much on how cud 6 ppl get access to the door .. wud think and see if i cud come wid an ans.. or else wait for the ans u post here..

  2. Thanks Chinmai for your comment.
    Basically it is a human trap .. People will always try to find reason behind problem .. and once reason is found he will just seat quietly.. He will not try to find solution to it .. Problem is found, work is done .. but by doing that , we are becoming part of problem.. Recently only I had experienced this magic when I had thought to be part of solution rather than seeing/finding/focusing on problems in my professional life ..

    You think about it. Else After sometime, I am going to post an answer of it (locking a door with 2 lock in such a way that if any one lock is unlocked, door will become open. Else it will remain locked.)

  3. I guess its human nature or human tendency to always look at the negative side first.. Kudos to ur friend and the shopowner to have broken the human mindblock and tried to realise that we as Human beings are capable of much greater things than we actually believe ourselves to be :) :)
    One of the nicest posts I have come across...
    Keep up the good work!! :) :)

  4. Thanks a lot Diva.
    Actually there are people who are by nature like this. They will always be part of solution. By nature or say god has gifted some people to be like that way. Its really nice experience to be in company with those kind of people. They give new perspective of the life.

  5. how did that locking mechanism work dude??..I m curious to know !!

  6. Well I simply assume may be may be that house has two entrance of two way locking system.. :-) Rest please do provide me reply...

    Second your blog is amazing and i like reaidng is some how by chance came accrosss it and i simply adore ur writing skills... Good Job Keep it up.

  7. @Anonymous
    Aha !! Anonymous comment on my blog !!!

    Well, assume that house as plain old structured house .. no 2 way entrance or 2 way locking system .. i am gonna post my answer in upcoming blog .. stay tuned ..

    oh !! Thanks buddy for appriciation. And I can understand how by chance you could have come on my blog. I assume, Google must have done that to you ..

    Curious to know your name,
    - Jaydip Mehta


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