Somtimes I get crazy ideas

1> Sometime before we friends had gone out. Probably for having dinner only. I was very bored and so was my other friends. And idea came in my mind. I shared it with all of them. It was something like this: After reaching to room we all will do one thing. We will start blaming each other. For anything and everything. It does not matter it is related or unrelated.

It is too hot outside, just catch anyone and start blaming him for that heat. Water is not clean, start blaming someone for making it dirty. Food is not good, say that it is because of you it is not good. For literally anything and everything -Low account balance, no program coming on TV, internet is slow, low mobile battery.

2> Talk with your south Indian roommate in Gujarati. And tell him to speak in his mother tongue. Have breakfast together and tell about that breakfast in Gujarati. And also ask him to reply in his mother tongue. Interpret it at your level best and answer him.
Watch some third language movie together and discuss about it. For example, watch Spanish movie. You say whatever you had seen in Gujarati and ask him to speak in his mother tongue.

3> Go to near by shop or company's cafeteria in morning with cup of tea in hand. And ask him, થેપલા છે? If he says 'what???' Just walk out from there, and show him your frustrations and disappointments by waving your hands in air etc etc.


  1. Jaydip, what fun ideas! very creative. The blame game is funny! but the company has to be sporty for that.

    The second one I liked the most! May be while you're talking you should record it. ;) Oh it would make a funniest recording!

    The last one was hilarious! "થેપલા છે?" I literally burst into laughter reading that.
    અમારે અહિયા સાન ફ્રાન્સિસ્કો બે એરીયા માં જો ભૂલમાંય પૂછાઇ જાય તો સામે વાળો ચાઇનીઝ કે ફિલિપીનો વેઇટર પૂછે કે "મેથીના લેશો કે સાદા? અને સાથ છુંદો કે મુરબ્બો લેશો?" એમાં જરાય નવાઇ નહિ.

  2. Thats right Kanan, company has to be sporty otherwise there will be no fun.
    I will catch someone and do that. Easiest person to catch for this is roommate. But problem with my roommate is, now he also has started understanding Gujarati!
    Near to our room there is one shop. THat shopkeeper is very Khaddus. So one day we friends had decided to go to his shop everyday in morning and ask for થેપલા or છુંદો or something like that. Thought this had never happened because no one was ready to initiate it.
    ઓહ ! thats quite good that તયા પણ થેપલા છુંદો મળી જાય છે easily.

  3. hehe... 3rd was the best ...

  4. Thanks Chinmai. M gonna try this once. Right now gathering courage do this. He he ..

  5. third one is the best but here in mahrastra it is not possible..
    Lakdi lai ne pachad ave to kya javu???
    ha ha ha..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)