And finally I got it ..

And finally today I got "the three mistakes of my life" book of Chetan Bhagat. It was launched on on 8th May. But surprisingly it was neither available in Crossword nor in Sapna bookstore which is said to be India's largest bookstore. I was knowing that is going to be released on 8th so I went to inquire about the it on 10th (saturday). But it was not available till 10th in any of the bookstore in Bangalore. Than I did not get time to inquire about it during weekdays and finally today I bought it from Sapna bookstore. Hurray !!!

Most amazing thing about this book is, its price. Do you believe its 95 rupee only. Yes, 95. In this era. And number of pages are around 220! Do not doubt about paper quality also. Paper quality is also very good. What other reasons are you finding to read this book. I bet you, it will be total fun reading it.

His first 2 books, One night at call centre and five point someone, were sold out like anything. Particularly it was very famous amongst youngsters. Book became very famous and so how can Bollywood remain away from getting advantage of it. On both this book Bollywood movies are going to be made. Yes, on both of these books. Movie names 'Hello' will be based on 'One night at call centre' and other movie whose name is not yet finalized will be based on 'Five point someone'. 'Hello' is going to be directed by Atul Agnihotri and other movie will be directed by 'Munnabhai' fame Rajkumar Hirani.

Chetan Bhagat
One night at call centre
Five point someone
Hello movie. Based on One night at call centre


  1. After reading it, do post its review ..

  2. Yeah Chetan is one such revoluntiary writer.. Check out his interview in rediff on Why his books are priced less that INR 100 & Much more...


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