Can't say good bye to Mozilla

Google has launched its browser Google Chrome. Being hard core Google fan, I had decided to say good bye to Mozilla after listening this news. But to my disappointment Google Chrome did not allow me to do that by not providing RSS auto-discovery support! Yes, Google Chrome does not allow to subscribe to RSS feeds !!! Such a useful feature for a blogger is not supported in Google Chrome. :-(. 

Waiting for next version of Google Chrome with RSS feature ... ... ...


  1. I know about RSS feed..
    But what is this RSS auto-discovery?

  2. Agree Jaydeep...

    Chrome doesn't even detect some plugin-supports like J2RE support etc...

    I hope you would have tried Opera and Safari however if not tried then better give a chance. Maybe you say Goodbye to Firfox but not because of chrome :)

  3. Oh ! thanks for the pointer Hiren. I have never tried before those Opera and Safari browsers. I will give it a try for sure.
    Also I have read somewhere that Chrome is heavily inspired by Safari.

  4. @Shunty:
    RSS auto-discovery is my terminology to convey a message that mozilla provides an RSS icon in address bar whenever you visit the site an that site provides you RSS feeds .. It automatically discovers that site provides RSS feeds or not and indicates the same on address bar... Sorry for not using standard technical terminology.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)