Does this happen to you also?

Sometimes out of no apparent reason, do you start singing song? This is quite common to me. If not singing, than humming. But song do come to me. Does this happen to you also?


  1. Of course.. It happens always with me. :)

  2. yes it is , infact there is always some song running in my mind.... i just cant control it when i am totally free( infact now a days i am not getting the totally 'free' situation) , but this thing was my big big problem at the time of exam and reading....apart from this two i was always playing whistle of movie songs. so that time it is running in my heart..

    may be , infact i am not a good writer like
    you but this is as simple as you can understand what i wanted to express by the above bunch of latters...

    Brijesh Chotalia.

  3. @Shunty: Hmm.. Now I got your success secret .. :-)

    @Brijesh: Hey Brijesh. Nice to see you yaar. And how can I forget your whistle dude. I still remember that Airtel tune you used to play with whistle. That was awesome. No need to be good write dude, as long as you are able to convey your meaning to the other party. I understand you perfectly. So, no worries.

  4. Yup, very often. And the funniest is, the song is so crazy and totally unrelated to what we are doing.

    A funny story: my grandparents had a huge house so one summer when I was visiting, my cousin started singing upstairs during one afternoon. For almost an hour, rest of us who didn't know of her singing thought a cat was trapped somewhere and trying to get out and was crying. Later on, we found out she was singing/humming some song. :D

  5. Ha ha ha .. That is quite funny. Kanan. Good to know that it happens to you also.

    When we had bought new TV we were checking its sound quality. So we put on one music channel and silently listening it. Suddenly this singing/humming effect started playing its role. My brother started humming/simging that song. My papa said, "See how good sound quality is. It feels like song is been played near to me only. It has too good surround sound effect." ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)