Google's advertisement? Never ....

Has anybody seen Google's advertisement anywhere? 

This question comes because very recently I  heared Yahoo! advertisement on FM radio and now it has also been started coming on TV. Sometimes I wonder how come Google is so popular without even advertising about them selves. And my wondering stopped, when I read "Ten things Google has found to be true" (Please read it if you have not already done it. BTW, Out of that ten things I liked 10th one the most "Great just is not good enough"). 

It says, "... By always placing the interests of the user first, Google has built the most loyal audience on the web. And that growth has come not through TV ad campaigns, but through word of mouth from one satisfied user to another...". I found it correct word to word.


  1. Hey JD,
    I had read this and much more about the wonder-firm in 'The Google Story' a few weeks back, I am sure you'll love it as for one, its written by another google-o-holic David Vise . By the way, even more gems of their early days from google. See

  2. Hey Malkesh,
    First of all, wel Come Back on my blog. And yes, I am gonna read that book very soon.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)