All are Googler than who is this 20% of people

I was seeing market share for search engines here. It shows 80% market share is with Google. Rest 20% is distributed among other search engines in which Yahoo! has 12% of market share. After reading this statistics I started wondering. Because, all the people whom I know personally and professionally uses Google. All persons who are close to me is conditioned in positive way by me to use Google. In other countries also most of the person related to my work uses Google. Than who is this 20% of people?
One funny answer to it I got from my colleague Dilip Rao is, "Employees of respective search engine companies" :-). And probably that is also they are using because Google is banned there. He he ..


  1. But still Yahoo is on Top...Agree that search-engine wise Google is ahead than Live and Yahoo but on overall hits they all are very sharp competitors.
    You can compare web hits on

  2. @Hiren,
    May be true. They may be competitors and that is what makes me worry. Who are those people who uses other than most satisfying Google service? As long as me and people around me is concerned, they all uses Google. Than who are those other people providing competition? And for what purpose they are using it?

  3. those 20 % using other search engines are the google designers.. to find the advancements that the other search engines provide viz a viz theeirs...;)

  4. @Chinmai:
    Ha ha ha .. Seems logical .. So may be true ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)