Ethos Pathos Logos

Ethos - Credibility
Pathos - Emotion
Logos - Logic

- Ever faced a situation where proposal made by you looks very very logical but gets rejected and you wonder how can this be rejected? 

- Ever faced a situation where emotional feelings you describe seems so much common and understandable to you but person against you is unmoved, untouched by it?

- Ever faced an issue when you propose something and it seems to have been accepted by group of people but not accepted by their heart and mind?

Similar to above mentioned situation will arise when you break ethos-pathos-logos order. In most of our communication we directly jump to communicate logical part of it. We try to explain situation from logical point of view. Means, without having enough credibility or say authority to and without understanding other person's emotional feelings, we try him to convince only on logical basis. By giving statistics, examples etc. But is fails. Why? Because ethos-pathos-logos order is not followed. What that order says is this : First have enough credibility/authority to speak. Than understand feelings of other person. And than give reasoning.

For example, 
- What happens if I start giving logical and convincing advices to say Narendra Modi in my blog saying 'what he should do' and 'what he should not do'? (No credibility)
- What happens when a teacher starts scolding a student asking for logical explanation for undone home work without even trying to understand what has really happened? (Credibility is present but no emotional understanding)

In summary, 
First Ethos - Convince by character.
Than Pathos -Touch an emotion.
And at last Logos - Use proper reasoning.

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