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As per wikipedia, metallica is an American heavy metal band that formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. But in this post I am talking about that metallica. I am talking about Indian metallica which is formed by genius trio - Shanker Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani & Loy Medosa (in short SEL). If you have not listen to movie "rock on' songs, you may be wondering how come SEL can be compared to Metallica. Probably even if you have listen to 'rock on' songs, you may be wondering how can SEL be compared with Metallica. Propbably, you are right. SEL can not be comapred with American metallica but SEL can be named an Indian metallica quite reasonably. Is it not? I may be wrong, but I have never listened to this much heavy rock music been composed in Bollywood till this date.

"Pichle saat dino me" song is amazingly composed. Rock guitar tune is really nice. Also the movie title song is very very good. Good thing about these songs are, it has been played with typical rock band instruments. Drums, rock guitar & electronic synthesizer. Not much of an editing. And synthetic sounds used. If you listen to other bollywood movie music there will be lots and lots of synthetic sounds. Also after song is recorded there will be hell lot of editing been done to improve quality. But that is not the case with rock on songs. Ehsaan noorani says, "We composed like a rock band with the drums and bass set up and we all played live to the recorder . We cut this album like a band does which is essentially programming." Also I was amazed to know that all Rock on songs were been composed in about just 5 days !! Just 5 days, ya !!!

"Rock on" is first Hindi film rock album, says ehsaan Noorani.

Below I am pasting a funny photo dedicated to movie 'rock on' and SEL trio. And ya I would like to take credit of this photo (if you like it), because it is not found on Google., its been prepared in paint. Rock on !!!!!!!!!

Ehsaan Noorani interview


  1. Hmmm..
    Good information..
    Btw photo mast che..hehe

  2. Shunty,
    Hmm .. And ya I would like to take credit of this appreciation, because photo is prepared in paint not been found on Google. :-) ..

  3. Su vat che JD,

    Nice information dear.. Keep bloging.

    Gops (Ankit The ASIC Guy)

  4. Thanks Ankit for kind words. And if you have not watched "Rock on" yet, so it at your earliest .. It not to miss movie... Music is amazing by Indian Metallica, bole to SEL :-)


Jaydip Mehta (JD)